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Jackson, Wyoming (PressExposure) December 14, 2009 -- Hello everyone, I would like to take a minute to tell you all about this amazing new marketing tool that I have found. It's called "Sales Letter Creator 2009". What this product does is helps you in creating industry leading sales pages that you can use in your web site, flier publications and e-mails. In the past I have spent lots of money paying web site designers for countless hours of work to create point of sale pages for my online products and services. If you are like me and are running a small or medium sized business with multiple various products and services that you wish to offer these totals can add up quick.

Now that I am adding in some more products and more services that I wish to offer online it seems my process has started all over again, it's time to create that portal that will drive my viewers and potential customers through the checkout process. While browsing around the internet and checking various resources to try and find a more reasonably priced way to accomplish this I found the virtual gold mine that is "Sales Letter Creator 2009"! After watching the quick video that explains the features and benefits of the program I was hooked. Chad, the designer of the system has a very informative video on their home page that is right on the money. He makes mention that your sales page is basically an online electronic salesman, from experience I can tell you there is nothing closer to the truth. To any of you that may have online sales experience I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from here.

So maybe by now you are wondering what is so amazing about this software and why would it be beneficial to you? Well lets take a look at some of the easy to use features that are offered.

Search Engine Optimization: The program will automatically generate a impeccably optimized page for search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This in it's own is a great way to drive customers into your site without having to go out and promote it yourself!

Fully Customizable pages: This program gives you a very straightforward to use point and click step by step process that allows you to fully customize the look and feel of your sales page!

Select from tons of catch phrases and headlines: All those little one liner's that you find on sales pages. The quick sales pitches, this software comes with a massive library of such pitches. In the past I have spent countless hours lost in thought over just what my tag should be for a product. What will grab the customers attention and get them to read on and buy my product? Now I can just point and click to chose one!

Embedding graphics and video: I am no web designer or programmer, I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to put pictures into my page. With this software I don't have to! Just tell the program what picture to show and where and it does all that magic programming stuff for me!

Adding features and benefits: Just as simple as all the other features you simply fill in the blanks to add in custom features and benefits of the product or service that you are providing and "Sales Letter Creator" will do the rest!

Payment Gateway integration: This is another expensive part of the sales page, the area that will link into merchant accounts or other payment gateways such as paypal or clickbank. Sales Letter Creator couldn't be any easier! Just tell it what portal to use and your sales page is ready to start putting money in your pocket!

Customer testimonials & Guarantees: You can easily add in customer testimonials and guarantees for your products and services. (These are VERY important to most buyers and a must have to hook the skeptical buyers).

Well, with all that said I just have to say thank you to Chad. This amazing program has been the perfect tool for my small internet sales company to really make big profits with very minimal overhead. Long gone are my days of paying thousands of dollars to web site designers to make a single page, now I simply fill in the blanks and post my own page in just a matter of minutes. This is certainly a product I would have payed 2-3 times as much for!


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