Sales Performance Company Offers Quarterly 'Sales Blitzes' to Fill Sales Pipelines

Powell, OH (PressExposure) June 02, 2006 -- Talk to any sales professional and they will all agree on at least one fact; the shortest selling month of the year is December. With realistically only half the month to get the job done, it makes it difficult for a sales team to catch up to their yearly sales goal if they find themselves behind.

"I'm not really an advocate of sales blitzes," said Jeff Hardesty, developer of the X2 Sales System™ and President of JDH Group. "I'm actually a promoter of routine sales process. Because my sales performance system mentors participants to a high conversation-toappointment conversion ratio, an hour a day for a few days a week typically gains all the new sales appointments an individual needs, based off their other sales performance numbers."

JDH Group, Inc. is a sales performance company based in Ohio. They implement their performance system into sales organizations existing Learning Management Systems throughout the country.

The X2 Sales System™ and the Initiator® training process trains to one objective; improving sales individuals Conversation-to-appointment ratio to 51%+. This is accomplished through a 3-Phase 6-week Process encompassing 4 distinct Learning Platforms; CBT, WBT, customized Desktop Software simulation and Instructor facilitation. The middle phase is the X2 2-Day Boot Camp.

The 'Sales Blitz' marketing revelation came to Hardesty after he deciphered his performance results for his first year of implementing the X2 system in its current platform. "I did 28 individual Boot Camps and returned $11.46 for every $1 my clients invested", continued Hardesty. "And that's just in 2 days." Those figures are based off the number of new appointments that were set in line with the sales team current sales performance numbers. In total, 1087 new C-level appointments were set and the average participant Conversion ratio reached 57% for a 577% competency improvement.

"So I thought about traditional sales blitzes and decided it would be fun to take them to a new level," Hardesty remarked. "With my X2 ROI Survey diagnostic process, the historical training results and my money back guarantee, a sales leader can sell it internally and not stick their neck out." JDH Group markets the X2 Sales System™ as non-traditional sales training; a process, not an event. A key to results is completing the X2 pre-training phase before Hardesty arrives in town.

"I actually had one team of 6 sales reps set 71 new 'Top-down' appointments in the 2-day event,' said Hardesty. "That kept them busy for awhile." More than just keeping busy, the projected revenue from the 2-day event was $462,000. Minimally, that's a pretty good sales blitz.

About JDH Group, Inc.

About JDH Group, Inc.
JDH Group, Inc. was founded in 2004 with the mission of increasing performance for
direct sales organizations. The X2 Sales Systemâ„¢ trains to one objective; improving
sales individuals Conversation-to-appointment ratio. This allows sales people to spend
less time to achieve the necessary number of ‘Top-down’ business appointments to
assure their monthly success.

They offer a no-risk Pilot program for companies to evaluate the results. Corporate
universities and trainers are then certified to the Process and adopt the X2 system into
their current Learning Management System. Customization via web technology and
ongoing support by JDH Group enables sales leadership and corporate trainers to adapt
the system over time to maintain high conversation conversion ratios and maximum
revenue results.

Jeff Hardesty, developer of the X2 Sales Systemâ„¢ offers a complimentary analysis of
your sales organization performance metrics @

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