Same Day Delivery Experts Reveal A Survivors Guide For Gas Pump Savings

St. Petersburg, FL (PressExposure) May 17, 2008 -- While the entire nation is feeling the pain at the pump Economist, Politicians and Wall Street squabble over a looming recession. "We at J. Parker Courier (JPC) certainly understand the consumers' pain because we feel it too." Dwight Gauldin, Chief Executive Officer, said. "The price of oil being well over $100 a barrel has certainly impacted our business and because of it we have created a survivors guide that can aid and benefit all of us during these times," Gauldin continued. "Our guide and a lot of what we do at JPC not only benefits our bottom line but also has a positive impact to our environment and planet."

JPC Gas Savings Survivors' Guide 1. Fill up on weekdays: prices usually rise on the weekend. The cheapest times to buy gas are typically Tuesday midday or Wednesday morning. 2. Fill up at night: pumps deliver more gas when temperatures are lower. (Green Friendly option) 3. Carpool whenever possible: "Carpoolers" often share the cost of gas, and the "wear-n-tear" on your vehicle is also reduced. (Green Friendly option) 4. Choose wisely: If you own more than one vehicle, drive the one that gets better mileage. 5. Slow down: Driving at posted speed limits saves fuel and lives. Each 5 mph over 60 mph is like paying an additional 10 cents per gallon. Use cruise control to maintain your speed and to improve fuel economy when you're driving on the highway. 6. Get rid of the junk in your trunk: Simple, don't carry around items you don't need. An extra 100 pounds in the trunk can reduce fuel economy by up to 2 percent. In addition, remove items from your roof rack because it creates drag. 7. Inflate your tires: Proper inflation of tires goes a long way, literally. Keeping your tires properly inflated and aligned can increase gas mileage up to 3 percent. (Green Friendly option) 8. Choose your route wisely: Take the route with the fewest stops. Try to avoid traffic jams and stop and go traffic. So this may mean you will have to leave earlier to get to work. (Green Friendly option) 9. Shop around: There are several websites that give pretty good estimates on gas prices in the area. (Sources: J. Parker Courier under the "About Us" tab or Gas Price Watch) Call ahead to confirm price. 10. Bus it, Bike it or Outsource it: Leave your car at home and consider public transportation, ride a bike, or hirer J. Parker Courier to take care of your grocery shopping and delivery needs. (Green Friendly option)

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