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Petaluma, CA (PressExposure) February 12, 2012 -- Even though same sex marriage has been legalized in many countries, there are still restrictions in many countries including the United States. There are some states in which have wholeheartedly endorsed gay marriage, others have prohibited them. There are many laws applicable to same sex marriage and possession of estate which need to be understood better by the public. For this, an estate attorney can help individuals by offering guidance regarding California estate planning for same sex couples. The estate planning attorney Novato can help them by offering all the necessary assistance regarding possession of properties by same sex couples and the laws applicable to them. Individuals can visit the company website to check out the video blog for educating themselves regarding the special needs in context with estate planning Novato.

One of the main things that same sex couples need to consider is the basic status of their relationship in order to move ahead in life. The video blog features Bridget Mackay who covers the different aspects that such couples need to focus on before deciding to go ahead with their relationship. The videos help same sex couples to sort out their issues for answers to questions like how they define their relationship status. Over a period of time, there have been many layers that have developed. It is important for same sex couples to be clear about their priorities to engage in estate planning Novato. The first layer is the couples who live together irrespective of long-term or short-term relationship, but do not possess the legal binds offered by the state of California.

The Estate Attorney Novato explains domestic partnerships for same sex couples which is actually different from the registered domestic partnerships for opposite sex couples. For this, the only people who can register include same sex couples or couples where one of the members is over 65 years old. The state of California treats these relationships as married couples. If there is a divorce in the future, then the property held during time of registration is considered as community property. In case one of them passes on during the relationship, then the entire property or a part of it is given to the living member.

The video also features the estate planning attorney Novato explaining the tax situations faced by same sex couples which is harsh as compared to the opposite sex couples. For more information, can be of great assistance.

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