San Diego SEO Link Building Firm Undergoes Investigations & Passes with Flying Colors

San Diego, CA (PressExposure) December 23, 2009 -- Investigative Reporter, also known as 'The i-Guy' John Mattes has distinguished the real SEO firm from the fakers who claim they know search engine optimization and charge you a lot of money with little results to show. The same guy who helped to break the Iran Contra Scandal has now found an absolutely honest and true SEO that can and does make a difference. That SEO is a local San Diego SEO company; SEO by the Hour and they have a track record to prove it.

John Mattes is an attorney, investigative reporter and tireless champion of the underdog. He's broken many stories, big and small, but all ones that affect YOU. He tore the lid off 'liar loans,' gangs who've stolen mansions, and a phony veterans' charity. He also took on the U.S. government and helped open the door to the Iran Contra Scandal. Don't mess with Mattes if you've got ill intent. Rust never sleeps -- nor does Mattes.

Recently Mattes investigated the field of SEO and found one of the most honest and most effective SEO firms in the game. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a field that has come about with the introduction of Google and other major search engines. Just how do you get your website to show up when someone is searching for it? It takes countless hours to learn how and what to do to make it happen and many need help, thus we now have the field of SEO marketing companies offering online marketing and SEO services. But not all SEO companies are the same. Some are better than others and some can even get you banned from Google. There are many guidelines that Google lays out for you on how to get your site ranked and some manipulative things you can do to get banned. Ever had a bad experience on the net trying to find info and getting redirected to some spammy and scammy sites instead?

The i-Guy set out to investigate and found that there are some bad SEO firms out there. Many he found are charging you for simple ridiculous things and promising you unrealistic rankings. John Mattes has investigated SEO companies and has found the best of the bests. "So many other companies just didn't measure up. They charged high prices and would not show me proof of past results, even when services were tested under agreements, they failed"., said John Mattes. The truth is that there is no guarantee that your site will get ranked high on the searches. It can be a daunting task for anyone not in the know of how it works.

The truth is as with every other industry there are clowns out to make a quick buck and sadly rip people off. SEO by the Hour was the only company that would show me actual clients' results they had worked on and gotten on the first page and their pricing was the most fair and valuable anywhere. SEO by the Hour can show actual results achieved with other clients and will tell you realistically what you can expect. James Harrison a link building expert of SEO by the Hour, along with his team has provided professional SEO services for large corporations, small mom & pop shops and other SEO firms, and knows the SEO business inside and out. He now has his own SEO firm and is committed to excellence and customer service.

About SEO by the Hour

SEO by the Hour is a San Diego SEO company founded on the belief that every website deserves a fair chance on the search engines. If you feel you provide a competitive service and that your website is just as valuable as the 1st page rankers for your targeted keyword, contact SEO by the Hour. That goes for all websites, nationwide. What sets SEO by the Hour apart from other SEO companies is their dedication to excellence and commitment to tested white hat SEO and online marketing services and strategies that help websites achieve top results naturally.

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