Saturn Solutions marketing Ltd asks: New Year, New Career?

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 03, 2012 -- Saturn Solutions marketing Ltd asks: New Year, New Career?

At Saturn Solutions Marketing understands that we are all guilty of making New Year's resolutions and not seeing them through, we literally hit the end of January and any plans or goals we have made, quickly get forgotten, a great example of this is the huge number of new gym memberships which quickly fall by the wayside as January disappears.

Saturn Solutions Marketing asks: how do we strike a balance between setting reachable and unrealistic goals? How can you approach the "New Year, New You" mentality for your career and actually stick to your plan?

Saturn Solutions Marketing offers some suggestions:

1. Think about what you've learned. At the beginning of every year, we gather our team together for a "What I've Learned" meeting, where everyone shares their top lessons from the past year. This is a great exercise for anyone to do because it enables you to step back and review how the last 12 months went at work and what enlightened you along the way.

By discussing it in a group, you also get the added benefit of other people's lessons. These key learning's - drawn both from mistakes you made and things you did well - will help you plan ahead for the coming year, avoid making the same mistakes again and find ways to put your helpful knowledge to use.

2. Give yourself a few attainable goals and one stretch goal. Even better than creating a laundry list of big goals (e.g. lose 50 lbs., win an Oscar) bite-size lists of two or three realistic goals per quarter (i.e. work out 2x/week and cut 100 calories a day organise the nest that you call your office, spend an hour a day on strategy).

Then, just to push yourself, add one that's a bit harder to reach, what I like to call a "stretch" goal. It should be something that you strive to accomplish but will challenge you and get you outside your comfort zone. For example, maybe there's an industry award that you'd like to win for your work that's tough to get. How can you go about getting nominated or creating something good enough to be recognized in 2012?

3. Vow to cultivate new relationships. The holiday parties are over and now we're all back to the grind. But the New Year is a great opportunity to meet new people and widen your circle. Whether in-person or online, nowadays it's easy to connect with others who can help you further your career. If you haven't joined "Facebook" or "Tweeter" than why not?

Get involved in a professional organization that has interesting events related to your particular industry. Volunteer to become a mentor at your company (or ask someone to be yours!). Every relationship you form can lead to another and another and another. The bigger your network, the better your net worth. Learn from others; learn from their mistakes rather than making your own.

4. Pick one thing you want to get really good at. Like many people, I want to be fluent in a second language, Sing like Adele, become a master in wing chun. Problem is, it's highly unlikely that any of us will attain all of these goals in a single year. So my advice is to select one thing to focus on and then spend the next 12 months becoming an expert at that. In the workplace, that might mean perfecting the art of public speaking, learning HTML, or studying that second language that can help you broaden your business prospects

Bottom line: Overloading yourself with a list of goals all at once can be frustrating and discouraging and, consequently, you could end up not reaching any. However, tackle them a little at a time, and by the end of the year, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you got done. Whatever you resolve to accomplish in 2012, we wish you huge success and reward.

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