Satyrn Studios Launches Arise Comic Book Kickstarter Campaign

Dallas, TX (PressExposure) November 26, 2013 -- New entertainment company, Satyrn Studios, unveiled its first intellectual property via the crowdfunding website Kickstarter on Monday. The new IP, Arise, is a transmedia franchise spanning various media outlets like film, comic books, video games, action figures, and more. The Kickstarter campaign is focusing on funding the comic book aspect of the franchise.

Set in modern day Savannah, Georgia, the story starts off with main character Thanatos, a lone mohawk sporting conspiracy theorist who believes that one day the world will be taken over by zombies. One day while at work, he finds his worst fears realized and his home town of Savannah is being overrun by the undead. Having spent most of his adult life in fear of the inevitable zombie holocaust, Thanatos has set his home up as a "doomsday" bunker, complete with stockpiles of food, water, and weapons. Now Thanatos must make his way through the zombie infested town to his ultimate destination - home. There's just one catch: Thanatos is being followed around by a little eight year old girl, Dinah, whose mother became a zombie that Thanatos killed.

The first issue of the Arise comic book is already complete and available through the Kickstarter campaign. The series is written by Satyrn Studios' Executive Producer Jay Reiter. The first issue's artwork was completed by legendary horror artist Vince Locke (Deadworld, A History of Violence). The art for issues two through six is being completed by newcomer James Whynot. The Arise Kickstarter campaign offers a zombie lover's smorgasbord of goodies and incentives to donate ranging from autographed copies of the comic, to T-shirts, and even original pages of comic art. The goal of the campaign is relatively small (only $3,000). Although the stated goal is to fund the second issue of the comic book, Jay Reiter states that he hopes to be able to fund the remaining issues of the series in a video embedded in the Kickstarter campaign. The Arise project can be viewed by visiting the link:

About Satyrn Studios

Satyrn Studios is a new entertainment company founded by Executive Producer Jay Reiter in 2010. The company has six intellectual properties that focuses on primarily adult based entertainment through transmedia outlets such as film, comic books, video games, and action figures.

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