Save Your Eyes From Computer, Save Yourself for Your Future

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- Not rare commodities any more, computers are “ubiquitous" nowadays. We could easily get one from electronics wholesalers, retailers or directly from their manufacturers; for cheaper ones, we could buy from wholesale electronics [] sellers via internet. Many of us use this modern device for more than 12 hours a day and seldom take breaks during the period of usage. How could our eyes bear for so long time? Undoubtedly, we always suffer from squinting, blurred vision, eye strain, focusing disorder/fatigue, dry eyes, etc.

Save your eyes from computer now, save yourself for your future. Apply the following in your daily and farewell to computer-related eye problems!

About your drink: Chrysanthemum tea gives good protection to your eyes. Chrysanthemum can effectively improve eye tiredness and blurred vision. Chinese, since traditional times, have known the magic of Chrysanthemum tea. It not only reduces eyes puffiness if we smear around our eyes, but also does a great help to the restoration of our vision if we drink 3/4 cups per day. And you could add wolfberry in the tea. Your eye discomfort will reduce much more if you drink those two together.

Drinking Cassia is also helpful for the protection of our eyes. Cassia is like black-colored rice. You need to boil it down to tea juice if you want to drink.

Drink a bowl of miso soup per day. This is especially useful for those who work more than 6 hours a day in front of computers. Miso contains rich B12. It also has a special ferment, which helps us flush radioactive ray out of our body. When boiling, you should add miso just before you turn off the ignition, in case you destroy the ferment of miso.

About your using environment: Put a cup of hot water beside your computer. The water could help increase the surrounded humidity level and thus decrease eye discomfort.

Place cactus on the computer desk. Cactuses grow in the place where the Sun strongly shine, so they excel at absorbing radiation. Go and get one now, guys, for your eyes.

About the computer: Brand doesn’t matter here. No matter IBM, Acer or any others, you should get these done by yourself.

Adjust computer’s screen setting. The resolution is recommended to set to the highest level; if the increased screen resolution makes objects too small to see, you could increase the font size to compensate. In order to make letter easily be read, adjust the contrast between the characters on the monitor and the background. Make the adjustment of the brightness - neither too bright nor too dim.

Clean your screen to hinder the accumulation of dust on your screen.

About you: Work distances and angles. The distance between your eyes and the screen is at least 60 cm when the screen is 14", 70 cm buffering distance 15", and 70 cm 17". When watching the screen, you’d better keep about 15 to 20 degree down-vision angle for reducing eye-ball exposure area. 50 cm - 60 cm is the recommended distance between your body and the computer.

Take breaks frequently. Your eyes need rest every hour or so. It could help refresh your eyes.

Do eye exercises if you have time. Do you still remember the eye exercise we always did when we were children? That exercise is very helpful. I always did when I am in my office. It works.

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