School Assembly Programs - A Well Spoken Word Can Make a Difference

Katy, TX (PressExposure) August 18, 2010 -- Sometimes we spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to create well meaning programs to increase the performance of students when all they really need is a well spoken word.

Inexpensive can be deceptive As a researcher at one university stated, "I have seen researchers from other fields baffled by these results [minor, belief changing interventions] because they are used to seeing hugely expensive, large-scale, long-term, multifaceted interventions that yield only small effects. Yet, some social psychologists understand the power of carefully targeted interventions that change key beliefs and re-focus students' motivation in highly productive ways. "Of those who participated in a guest lecture during one study that was both positive and motivational, the students enjoyed a changed pattern of goals, greater persistence and higher grades," states one researcher. He continued, "In fact, students who heard the guest lecture earned grades at far higher rates than those who did not."

School Assembly Programs One organization that presents motivational messages is Commandos! USA, which has been in operation for twenty one years. Commandos! USA has presented to countless students throughout the United States, South and Central America and has seen and heard the effect of their brief forty and fifty minute, motivational messages first hand. Billy Lowery, President and founder of Commandos! USA states, "We have had students approach us after our performance with tears in their eyes, visibly moved, with comments like, "Your message really got me to realize that I don't need to do drugs." Or, as a student in Arizona recently stated, "I am so glad you came today. Your message has totally changed my life because I realize, more than ever, I do have the ability to perform at a higher level." A few have been as dramatic as, "This morning I wanted to kill myself, but, after hearing your message, realize that would have been a huge mistake. I have so much to live for." More on our website:

It does take a professional touch

If your desire is to increase academic performance, prevent drug and alcohol usage as well as bullying or teach life skills, it is best to bring in a professional speaker that is trained and experienced at motivating people with words and phrases. It doesn't take a $10,000 dollar budget, but it does take a seasoned professional that knows how to address various behaviors and performance with your students. Don't be surprised when a few words that are carefully chosen, but presented dynamically, can bring about a positive result!

Administrators agree Dr. David Stoeve, Ed.D., a principal in Surprise, Arizona said, "I have been in education for over forty years and an administrator for over twenty years. Billy and the message that Commandos! USA delivered is very motivating and gets kids to think about their dreams and their future. The Commandos! USA program really gave our students a life plan. Some of our most experienced teachers, I mean some that have been here a really long time and are very critical and only want the best for our students, came up to me and said, "Wow, this program was great! It was inspirational." That is a barometer for me. When the experienced teachers say it's great, you can be assured, it's great!"

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About Commandos USA

Since 1989, Commandos! USA® has presented over 3000 programs in 33 states, South and Central America. Our school assembly programs are exciting, educational and inspirational. Each presentation is designed to be age appropriate. We provide programs for elementary, junior and senior high schools as well as universities. Your students will witness some of the most spectacular feats of human strength! Once we have their attention, our message is not only heard, it is remembered for years to come! If you need an assembly program or a speaker with a REAL MESSAGE, bring in the Pros. Bring in . . . Commandos! USA®.

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