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Arlington Heights, Illinois (PressExposure) July 18, 2011 -- Book Overviews

The Guardians: An alien attack on Earth by an unidentified object detonates multiple missile warheads over twenty-four sparsely inhabited land areas around the globe causing a biological transformation that threatens to destroy all life forms on the planet within days. At the same time a Peruvian archeologist discovers a hidden chamber under a royal Inca temple in Cuzco, Peru that tells a story of past Inca rulers who seemed to worship alien beings from the time of the Spanish Conquistadors. Brandon Cole who works for NASA and a special team from the U.S. government are sent to Peru by the President to investigate the discovery. The psychological impact on the human race is considerable. The ecological impact on the planet and the solar system will be incalculable. And this is only the beginning for survival of the human species.

The Formula: The Formula is a suspense thriller that starts with a brutal murder on Ares, a large space station orbiting Mars in the year 2094. Doctor Leif Johanson and his daughter, Ingrid, have discovered the 'fountain of youth'. It's a new anti-aging drug, each vial worth $5 million denom on the black market. The drug can regenerate living cells and make anyone young again. There's just one problem. A powerful and ruthless drug producer named Ivan Hellstrom wants the discovery for himself. He tries to eliminate all those who get in his way. He murders the doctor, kidnaps Ingrid and steals the formula. One man opposes him, Homicide Detective, Jack Helms. Jack has to rescue the daughter, bring the drug producer to justice and earn a second chance at life.

Alien Storm: The Sun is at Solar Maximum. A large solar flare erupts on the surface of the Sun and races towards Earth. The International Space Station is about to be hit by massive solar radiation. Commander Bonario is working outside on an EVA and is caught in the storm. A UFO suddenly appears and tries to shield the astronaut from the harmful X-rays. The solar panels overload and an explosion occurs, which cripples the alien spacecraft. It crashes on Earth, killing the occupants. A Top Secret military crash investigation ensues. The bodies are recovered along with strange looking disk devices with special powers, but one disk is missing. A TV reporter finds out about the crash and threatens to expose the cover-up. Meanwhile, the massive magnetic storm hits the Earth with devastating consequences. The world is threatened. The alien mothership appears searching for the lost occupants and disks. Only the aliens can help the world protect itself from future solar events. Surprisingly, the Sun holds the key to the alien's journey.

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Don Viecelli lives in the Chicagoland area with family. He attended Michigan State University and earned his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Illinois. He is a marketing professional in the high tech industry and writes for a hobby. He has always enjoyed science fiction and plans to continue writing novels that weave real science with fiction.

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