Sciclips has Launched a Comprehensive Cancer Biomarker Database

Madison, WI (PressExposure) December 31, 2011 -- With the growing trend of personalized healthcare concept and advancement in biomarker research, there is a need for a comprehensive cancer biomarker database that can help in finding new diagnostic, prognostic and companion diagnostic biomarkers. Future success in developing innovative personalized cancer drugs lies in adopting new differential diagnostic procedures along with companion biomarker assays to identify the most appropriate cancer patient, tumor type and disease state.

Sciclips has launched a comprehensive diagnostic and prognostic cancer biomarker database with cancer companion diagnostics biomarker pathway maps. This database contains more than 8500 discovery phase or preclinical or clinical cancer biomarkers that were identified or validated using patient derived samples. This database covers a wide variety of biomarkers such as blood cancer biomarkers (peripheral blood, plasma, serum etc), tumor biomarkers, urinary cancer biomarkers, fecal cancer biomarkers, saliva cancer biomarkers, breath cancer biomarkers etc.

Our cancer biomarker database contains biomarkers for more than 100 types of cancer. For each cancer type, the biomarkers are classified into 1) diagnostic biomarkers: for the diagnostics application, 2) disease predictive/risk assessment biomarkers: for predicting the risk or genetic susceptibility in developing cancer, 3) drug efficacy/response biomarkers: biomarkers for studying the efficacy of anti-cancer drug treatments, including predictive biomarkers and 4) prognostic biomarkers: for determining the clinical outcome in cancer patients. The types of cancer biomarkers include protein biomarkers, miRNA biomarkers, SNP biomarkers, Gene expression biomarkers, epigenetic biomarkers and metabolomic biomarkers. Patient/sample details, experimental results/observations, biological and molecular functional analysis, biological process analysis, protein-protein interaction networks of each biomarker are listed in this database.This database will be a useful tool for the discovery of new cancer biomarkers as well as clinical validation of biomarkers.

The cancer companion diagnostics biomarker pathway database is an innovative database of protein-protein interactions networks of cancer drug efficacy/response/predictive biomarkers. This pathway maps can be useful in identifying new anti-cancer drug predictive and response biomarkers, for the discovery of new drug targets with improved efficacy or targeted therapy to overcome side effects, patient stratification, developing personalized strategies for monitoring cancer progression, treatment, diagnosis and prognosis.

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