Science Now Confirms The Ancient Method Of Predetermining The Gender Of Your Baby

Ramat-hasharon, Yisra'el (PressExposure) July 18, 2011 -- Gender Selection is pleased to announce that science now confirms the ancient technique of predetermining gender of your baby boy or baby girl. It seems this would prove beneficial for the would-be parents. Michal Naim, author herself confirms - "My proven method relies on the brief overview that when a woman ovulates an egg, the egg is the one that decides if the sperm with the boy chromosome (y) or the sperm with the girl chromosome (X) will fertilize it (the egg)."

Inherited this unique method from her grandmother, Michal studied a lot on this and discovered how unique and simple this method is. It is needless to say that it works in a 100% natural way. Moreover, it is pretty easy for any couple to perform. Researches reveal that the author accumulates experiences over generations and contemplates different parameters using a complex yet accurate computer matrix. The aspirants just need to reply a few questionnaires which are put into the matrix. Thus the result comes more accurate in order to conceive a girl or a boy.

Customer satisfaction is the key here hence the author left no stones unturned taking all possible care in every step. The entire process including an exclusive counseling service from author herself until any aspirant getting pregnant comes so economic. Still for any question, there would be an immediate resource supply. "If you did not conceive, please contact me immediately every month upon receiving your cycle (you can email me using your user name), for me to recalculate the new data, I will then send you new instructions..." - Michal added.

Determining a newborn's gender doesn't sweat us much now. Michal runs a regular survey to facilitate this method to work wonder. Michal assures us - "Not every woman may qualify for the natural system to determine newborn's gender. Thus, I check if the formula is able to "read" the woman's cycle and match to the method." Honest inputs from all applicants assure accurate result to determine newborn's gender, so reflects her words - "For the method to be successful, you must answer the questionnaire honestly."


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