Scientific Dream Interpretation Offers Solutions for Many Areas in Life

United States, (PressExposure) February 26, 2009 -- There are many dream interpreters and promises of automatic dream interpretations on the Internet that only mislead the public. The analysis you usually find is a subjective interpretation based on personal opinion and limited knowledge. Most people are anxious to believe what they read and force themselves to see their own emotions reflected in the dream images. By not understanding the bigger picture, people can ignore the complete and precious meanings of their dreams. Christina Sponias decided to prove to the world how dynamic the psychotherapy through dream interpretation according to the scientific method is, and how the dream messages really help everyone solve any kind of problem.

Sponias has already written the E-book Craziness Prevention, which teaches everyone how to use the knowledge they acquire in the translation of dream messages to overcome their psychological problems and find peace and mental health. However, the simplicity with which the dream images are exactly translated into words that make sense to our human conscience had to be verified in practice, so that everyone could see how easily someone can understand the dream messages if they learn the dream language.

With this in mind, Sponias had the idea of offering her professional dream translation entirely free of charge last summer. She collected notes of many dream descriptions, along with the indispensable details of the dreamers’ biographies, and made an E-book with this material. She wanted to prove, with real examples, that only the scientific method of dream interpretation can translate the dream messages exactly and therefore help solve the problems of all those in need. The E-book of the collected dreams and biographies, along with Sponias’ translations and explanations, is titled Dream Interpretation as a Science. The insight offered by this book is rare, as psychologists are not allowed to publish the dreamers’ biographies along with their dreams. Providing both aspects allows for a more complete picture of how dream translation can work.

Christina Sponias is giving eighty-six free pages of Dream Interpretation as a Science as a sample of this huge work of research. When you then decide to purchase the full version of Dream Interpretation as a Science, you will receive the E-book Craziness Prevention as an important companion guide completely free.

Through her work in translating thousands of dreams entirely free of charge for nineteen years, Christina Sponias can now offer a way for people to learn how to translate the meaning of their own dreams. She has offered help and support to desperate people who could not find peace until they received the relief of the unconscious wisdom translating their dreams. Her technique has saved many lives and opened a new horizon for the human salvation from despair.

Christina Sponias believes that the miraculous scientific method of dream interpretation, which exactly translates the precious meaning of our dreams, is going to give a definitive end to depression, struggles with mental health, and suicide attempts by putting a stop to violence, terror, immorality, hypocrisy, and futility. She asserts that the human being will finally see the entire content of his brain and, by transforming his mind, completely evolve into a state of perfect balance.

Readers who are interested in learning more about Christina Sponias, her background, and her work are encouraged to visit her website at and submit their dreams for professional interpretation at She welcomes feedback and questions concerning her research.

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