Scientists Discover How Gut Bacteria Use Quorum Communicate To Conquer Infectious Invaders

New Smyrna Beach, FL (PressExposure) August 21, 2009 -- With pandemic threats like Swine Flu among us, scientists are turning to the innate immune system and its own good friendly commensal bacteria as antidotes. Dr. Fang Yang of Vanderbilt University Digestive Disease Research Center says, “These commensal bacteria regulate a number of host processes from nutrition to immune responses…and promote digestion and uptake of nutrients by host intestinal cells.” New findings are emerging so fast that Robert G. Martindale, MD, PhD of the Medical College of Georgia states, “The use of probiotics in the treatment of specific diseases has evolved into an extremely valuable option yet to be optimally used in clinical medicine.”

Scientists have observed that today’s antibiotics are almost useless against such pandemics and cause a mass cellucide of these beneficial bacteria. Dr. Paul Yanick of the American Academy of Quantum Medicine and other researchers are using these good bacteria and quorum-sensing to help increase the body’s nutritional status and strengthen innate immunity. Quorum sensing is how gut bacteria communicate to the surrounding cells. When used in the fermentation of raw food, quorum sensing can boost nutrient uptake hundred-fold thus providing instant nourishment to human cells.

In the 2006 Nature Medicine journal, researchers at the University of British Columbia found that the of human-commensal cell quorum teamwork make us a “superorganism with immense metabolic diversity and capacity.” But, achieving this superorganism potential can only be accomplished when we restore quorum communication. “It took over 15 years of research to know exactly when probiotic cells reach a quorum effect whereby they become robust and prolific producing huge payloads of proteins and nutrients” say Dr. Yanick who calls his discovery Quorum Nutrition™.

There’s a struggle going on in your body right now as “good” probiotic commensal cells wage war against invading “bad” bacteria and pollutants. You and your body can be the winners—or the losers—of this ongoing warfare only if you nourish your body’s commensal cells with Quorum Nutrition™. Ninety percent of your bodily cells are “friendly” commensal probiotic cells that die off in a cellucide process when we are malnourished, toxic, or treated with antibiotics.

Our culture has gone too far in its war against germs. "There’s an invisible epidemic of cellucide" says Paul Yanick, PhD, the research director of the American Academy of Quantum Medicine. “Clearly, man-made chemicals and pharmaceuticals are killing off our commensal cells at alarming rates making us woefully nutrient deficient.” Yanick says. The shocking thing to most Americans is that we really don't know that cellucide is taking place from these chemical toxins. Scientists say we're now awash in a chemical brew of hormone-mimicking compounds that didn't exist 100 years ago. "We've changed the nature of nature," says Devra Lee Davis, director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Yanick’s new e-book Cellucide focuses on one of the greatest unknown questions about commensal cells: How do they make quorum nutrients needed cleanse our body of unwanted inflammation and pollutants and keep us healthy? "We're not getting what we used to [through diet], and we're killing our innate commensal cells," he said. "As a result, the balance of our commensal cell population has diminished, sometimes with disastrous effects on our immune system."

The 250 page e-book “Cellucide” provides an up-to-the-minute, highly accessible guide to probiotics and synbiotic nutrients and includes a step-by-step plan for restoring a healthy balance of probiotics and synbiotics to your body. This e-book is a complete buyer’s guide to dozens of natural sources for synbiotic nutrients. Learn how to stop the vicious cycle of cellucide. The e-book also tells the story of how Dr. Paul Yanick personally survived a medical death sentence of cellucide using his quorum nutritional discoveries.

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