Scorpion Performance Inc - Takes PRI Show By Storm!

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PressExposure) January 08, 2008 -- Exhibit aisles were packed shoulder-to-shoulderwith buyers shopping the latest racing technology. Thousands of hardcore racing products wereon display, creating a frenzy of buying and selling. Industry friends mixed and mingled. Therewere educational seminars, fun events, thrilling races. It was a PRI Trade Show to remember!From winning consecutive off-shore boat races in the 90's to taking the Performance RacingIndustry by Storm.

Wow was the response to many attendees of the 2007 Performance Racing Industry Show, in Orlando, FL this past weekend. Filled with over 50 foot of glowing, backlite display wall, streaming corporate video, 2 fully robot's delivering cold water to anyone who inserts business card or a Aluminum Business card to anyone who pushes a button, Scorpion Performance took the show. Show Producer Steve Lewis quotes, "if there was an award for Best of show, you guys have won it". That was said all day long all over the convention center for 3days, WOW!

Robotics and Automation, U.S. Parts at Asian Prices. Who else is ready to step up to the plate and fight the war on Cheap Labor. Scorpion Performance [] is the first Manufacture to step up and face this problem first. They in their "Bringing it Home" Seminar stated the declining dollar is our fault and further more with 70 million workers fixing to retire in the next 3 years, who will do the work. Is the answer to sent all our manufacturing overseas or gear up today and make jobs for our kids tomorrow. One product at a time we can fight this deficit, if we stick together and do what we do best. Make a decision to grow your business from the front by answering the phone,bettering customer service, and growing sales.

Do you want to buy expensive machinery, crash tools figuring out programming glitches, high cost operators and engineers, increasing all your overhead? Why not let Scorpion Performance take the hassle out of the manufacturing process: Engineer, Manufacture, Mirror Polish, Anodize,Custom Laser Your logo, Foam cushioned boxing ready for your distributors, WOW. You get to leave your office at 5pm and look like the Hero at the end of the day with Jewelry like finished products, and increased margins and sales, unheard of in the Automotive or Marine industry today.

Scorpion Performance [] Fights back and wins the Manufacturing battle against Asian markets atthis years PRI show. Never had a more positive response from Potential Customers, Distributors,Private Label Orders, and even the Competition commending us on a great show, booth, Trucks,Race Cars, T-Shirts, Bags, Business Cards, and Custom Bottled Water. Monday back at the office and the phone and emails keep coming in "what at Imagination you guys have" Great Booth!. Testimonials coming in on how did you get so big,so quick? CEO, Robert Stopanio states"do the right thing from day one, and everything will follow the right way. Its begun...Thanks to PRI, Fanuc Robotics and the Team at Scorpion Performance, Inc.

About Scorpion Performance

Scorpion Performance [] Inc. is an authority in high-performance racing engine parts. Raceenthusiasts have proven internationally that Scorpion Performance Inc has achieved incredible milestones through advanced technology. Scorpion Performance Inc is the leading manufacturer of rocker arms in the U.S.

Contact: Media Relations Department Moe Rustam, Director of Advertising & Branding 954-779-3600 (X216) 954-779-3029 FAX []

About Scorpion Performance Inc.

Media Relations Department
Moe Rustam, Director of Advertising & Branding
954-779-3600 (X216)
954-779-3029 FAX

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