Scourge Of Summer - Head Lice

Quezon City, Philippines (PressExposure) April 15, 2009 -- According to Dr. Nenita Alberto, a respected dermatologist, head lice starts the infestation process by laying eggs called 'nits' on the hair strands of the infected individual. "Although the usual infected area is the hair and scalp, it sometimes goes all the way down to the pubic areas of the body. So it is really essential in being always clean by taking a bath and using shampoo everyday," she advised.

Ordinary shampoos will not prevent head lice infestations but a special anti head lice shampoo like Oilganics All-Natural Kuto Treatment Shampoo will not only prevent but treat it as well. On top of these benefits, it can make your hair soft and manageable without the usual harshness found in ordinary head lice treatment shampoos. "But if there is an already infestation, it is appropriate to use an effective head lice treatment shampoo and conditioner. But make sure that the formula is not harsh to the hair and most important of all non-toxic to humans," Alberto said.

Oilganics has been scientifically and dermatologically formulated to be safe and non-toxic to humans with its exclusive, all natural, active ingredients such as: Quassinoids, a naturally-occurring compound that eradicates head lice; Mediterranean Vinegar, a powerful solvent that dissolves the resin that attaches the nits to the hair shaft; and AHA-Organic Acids, compounds that have hair-conditioning properties and also help dissolve the chitin (resin) of nits.

Over and above these immense advantages, it is the only anti-lice treatment proven to have similar characteristics of common commercial shampoos, which makes hair soft, manageable and healthy due to its conditioning and moisturizing ingredients. Oliganics is committed to eradicating this summer scourge and has come up with a nationwide Alis-Kuto campaign, which also seeks to inform the public on how to battle head lice infestation.

Dr. Alberto also advised to refrain from sharing personal items like combs, hairbrushes, hair ornaments such as hairclips, pillows, hats and towels so as not to spread the nits and lice. "And for really stubborn infestations it also has an anti-head lice, leave-on conditioner which has a longer killing affect because one doesn't have to rinse or remove it. This leave-on property makes the conditioner an all-day treatment, which is suitable for people who do not have time to shampoo their hair on a daily basis. On top of these, it makes your hair soft and manageable," said Oilganics Brand Manager Cherrie Dy adding that it has the same active ingredients contained in the shampoo.

However, medical experts agree that for a fully optimized and effective treatment, the Oilganics shampoo should be used in conjunction with the conditioner. As a final word, Dr. Alberto said that the immediate family and household members of the infected person should be treated as well to prevent any further infestation and replication.

Oilganics All-Natural Kuto Treatment Shampoo and Leave-On Conditioner is a quality product of Marklene Fabricate Corporation. For details on the Alis-Kuto campaign and product details, call the Alis-Kuto Hotline at (02) 367-4494.


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