Scubapro Meridian Makes Top Position In Advanced Dive Computers Family

Adelaide, Australia (PressExposure) April 11, 2012 -- This year turned to be very fruitful for Aeris and Oceanic. Scubapro was not left behind, and introduced its new dive computer Meridian that continues the range of advanced and reliable dive computers, which cover wide area of diving situations.

Packed with distinctive safety functions Scubapro Meridian is user-friendly dive computer that may be used the very beginners in diving and advanced recreational divers who will find 2 Nitrox mix support (FO2 - 21-100%) for easier decompression process.

This Scubapro dive computer is built in highest grade stainless steel body and made in a stylish watch style instrument. Meridian offers us 4 dive modes, where we may experience diving with Air or Nitrox, use it as a Gauge or freediving tool. Its control panel consists of 4 big buttons, which are easy to press even in thick gloves. Display has very convenient and intuitive layout with easy to interpret digits and messages.

"...I learnt all insides of Scubapro Meridian in no time, thanks to intuitive interface and well-structured user documentation...", said Kavin Ward about his new dive computer.

If set in GAUGE mode, Scubapro Meridian works as a depth gauge and does not provide decompression calculations. Depth gauge operates for up to 120 meters and also monitors average depth, time, temperature, and Elapsed Dive Time.

FREEdiving (APNEA) mode has specific settings and alarms, like Dual Depth, Depth Incremental, and Surface Interval alarms, which make this dive computer very customizable freediving tool. Another useful function is faster sampling rate to accomodate accurate profile recording. As in Gauge mode, Meridian doesn't calculate No-Decompression limits in FREEdiving mode.

Among standard features and alarms, Meridian has Workload calculation function and Heart Rate alarm, which add extra safety to every dive. These two functions will be well appreciated, especially by those people who dive in challenging conditions, have some disabilities, or those who are coming back from long period staying onshore. Heart Rate sensor is an optional accessory and if diver uses it - heart monitor incorporates of one's physical conditions into the workload calculation and then adapts the decompression algorithm accordingly.

Equipped with Predictive Multigas Algorithm, Meridian is able to alert the diver about gas changing: "...Meridian made switching gases as a smooth procedure. After I heard an audio - I switched breathing mixes and pressed the button for confirmation, and that was all - smooth and easy, as it should be...", said Kavin Ward after coming from a dive with Scubapro Meridian.

Another unique feature of Scubapro Meridian is Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops (PDIS) function that is similar to other Scubapro/UWATEC dive computers. PDIS function is constantly monitoring our diving profile and gives the diver Stop reminder, according to the dive profile, Micro-bubble level set point, and conditions of the dive.

After the dive, user can download profile into the PC using optional cradle and LogTRAK software that was made compatible to PC and Mac. This software allows us to modify warnings and alarms and observe not only our dive profile, but also see the map of the dive spot!

Scubapro Meridian is still very new to our scuba market but it has already got the highest marks from divers who tested it in variety of diving situations.


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