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New York, New York (PressExposure) April 02, 2009 -- Urban Autosport offers the security of branded tires to ensure safe driving Boucherville, QC, Canada – While giving their customers the confidence with safe driving, Urban Autosport displays the security of branded tires to suit specific needs on their informative website: With in-depth knowledge on everything to do with the world of automobiles, Urban Autosport ranges out suitable tires with advice and professionalism to protect lives and ensure safety.

It is necessary to maintain a vehicle’s tires with periodic checks to see if they are in good working order. Tires that are underinflated cause the engine to work harder and results in innumerable other problems. When a tire’s surface area touches the ground if the pressure is low, it causes friction between the tires and the road. It is a known fact that if the tires emit a squealing sound when cornering, it is sure that the pressure is low. The wear and tear in tires that are over-inflated can be seen in the center and under-inflated tires exhibit the wear and tear around the edges. The steering and the handling of the car become difficult when the tires are underinflated. It is important to know that radial tires should be crossed in the rotation pattern from side to side, whereas bias ply tires use the front to back pattern. The tread on the tires can be tested by inserting a penny into the groves. If three-fourths of the penny goes in, then the tire need not be replaced. But if only half the penny goes in, the tire has to be changed.

Urban Autosport offers value with skilled professionals and manufacture guarantee is available with no custom charge fee or broker charge. With sound advice, the company gives their customers the choice of branded tires that are available on their website. The heat increases due to the airflow between the road and the tire and results in imperfect tire performance when the pressure is low. Tires that are underinflated affect fuel mileage, braking and steering besides causing untold damage. Worn out tires are prone to punctures and hydroplaning. Urban Autosport offers the security of branded tires on their website to give the customer confidence with the guarantee that all online orders will be made according to the specified brand, model and the year of their vehicle. They also offer the provision of writing to them so that they can find the size of the tire according to customers’ specifications. The company offers the facility of a 24-hour access on product availability and price. Urban Autosport guarantees the quality products and impeccable customer service suited to fit your needs and demands.

About Urban Autosport: The team at Urban Autosport is formed of members who are passionate about the automobile world and everything related to it. Trained and qualified to provide you with the customer service and satisfaction to fit your budget and needs, the company also offers guaranteed best prices in Canada with the widest variety of choices compared to any other suppliers. The team is composed of passionate and skilled members with manufacture guarantee available and no custom charge fee or broker charge is added. Urban Autosport has a wide range of products and brands with highest quality products guaranteed and customer service suited to fit your needs and demands. They also offer a 24-hour access on product availability and price.

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