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Grand Rapids, Michigan (PressExposure) April 27, 2009 -- Pornography on the Internet is one of the biggest challenges that parents are facing nowadays. According to reports, there are more than four million web sites that promote pornography and host lewd images. Because there are no international laws that ban and prohibit people from putting up such web sites, the trend is not going to die anytime soon as statistics showed that thousands of new porn sites are being opened daily.

Being exposed to Internet pornography can be detrimental to your children's mental health. It can bring a negative impact on your kids' emotional development. Prolonged exposure to explicit images can also affect an adult's mental stability and cause certain problems such as addiction to pornography. Therefore, to protect your loved ones from being affected by offensive web content and images, you need to install SeeNoEvil to your computer.

SeeNoEvil is an image blocking system developed by Tribinium Corporation, a Christian company dedicated and committed in protecting young minds from intrusive online pornography. As the name implies, this program is designed to filter the "evils" of the Internet such as offensive words and web content, as well as pornographic pictures, movies, and images. It can also track your children's online activities by recording web history and time logs. In addition, SeeNoEvil can give you peace of mind knowing that you can control the time that your kids spend on surfing the Internet.

This amazing program can also help a person suffering from pornography addiction recover from his or her condition. If a family member has developed a penchant for explicit pictures, you can stamp out the cause of his or her affliction by denying access to web sites that feed a loved one's addiction. SeeNoEvil has also teamed up with the Hope and Healing Institute to help those who want to regain control of their lives.

Meanwhile, if you are worrying that installing SeeNoEvil may affect your computer's performance, do not fret because it will not significantly slow down your PC's processing speed. There are no changes in browsing time when you are in parental mode but there is a slight "delay," which is only about by tenths of a second, when your child surfs the Internet. However, this so-called slowdown is barely noticeable and your kids and other family members can still enjoy visiting their favorite sites at a decent speed.

According to statistics, nine out of ten children from eight to 16 years old have already gained access to adult-oriented sites. Therefore, to prevent your kids from being of part of such an alarming report, you need to regulate their online activities with SeeNoEvil. You can visit its official web site, for more information regarding this useful and handy Internet tool.

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