Seldar Offering Live Tele-Seminars For Cellular DNA Healing

Glenview, IL (PressExposure) July 01, 2011 -- Seldar, a wisdom guide, announces the launch of live tele-seminars every Wednesday at 5PM PST / 7PM CDT / 8PM EDT on LAW OF ATTRACTION RADIO with Jewels and Seldar.

Seldar has successfully helped numerous people who seeking help with relaxing, living in the moment, accepting and recognizing where you are.

"I see what connects us. I recognize you as a part of me and my mission is to help you recognize me as part of you. We are one, as a solid piece - that is what we''re not recognizing. When you know that, you won''t feel resistance and separation."

"DNA has information about whole life and contains your unique information. Whole life is a reflection of you. You have to recognize your uniqueness in order to recognize your enviroment."

"I help you recognize who you are and direct your attention to yourself and all the situations and triggers that were created based on who you are. If you fail to recognize who you are and take things personally, then you will feel it on a physical level."

"Life is here to give you what you want - just accept it!"

"Get ready to take an exciting life journey with me!"

Seldar, originally from the former Soviet Union, has always lived in an altered state in which he had visualizations that allow him to zoom in and out of physical images. During the show (as he does when assisting clients) Seldar enters a state where he can become one with his listener. Amazingly, he has the ability to travel between two bodies, his own and the person he is assisting. Seldar sees their cellular/DNA composition and can see changes occuring on the genetic level. He connects all of that with the person's personality and how they interact with each other by explaining what their physical pain represents and encouraging listeners to change on a mental level. Callers are invited to ask personal questions.

Please visit [] to learn more. Call 847-486-1130

About Seldar Heals

Seldar Heals Seldar has a gift.....of becoming you and reading the energy of your DNA. His gift is his ability to reconfigure degenerative cells and to recreate a new experience that lifts you out of pain and suffering.

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