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Menomonee Falls, WI (PressExposure) September 24, 2009 -- When a panicked investor calls her, Oregon-based financial advisor Jackie Pasciak is thankful for the self-coaching skills she learned in Quantum Spirit International’s (QSI) coach training program. “In this economy,” explains Pasciak, “our fears are amplified by the excess confusion and information coming at us.” To prevent panic and fear from overwhelming her, Pasciak automatically begins coaching herself, and, by extension, her investment clients. “It’s very easy to get caught up in another person’s distress,” says Pasciak. “Without my self-coaching abilities, I’d be a wreck. And that won’t help my clients, or my business.”

Instead, Pasciak’s self-coaching abilities allow her to listen to her clients at a deeper level. This deep listening provides a safe space that helps her clients calm down and focus on the things they can control. “Once we’re both calm,” Pasciak explains, “we can co-create a solution for the client’s immediate problems.” Co-creation is the natural outcome of QSI’s self-coaching process. “It allows both parties to easily tap into their creativity in ways they’ve rarely experienced,” says Carolyn Wilson-Elliott, CEO of Quantum Spirit International.

Pasciak’s ability to co-create solutions with her clients deepened her relationship with them. As the economy sagged, some of Paciak’s clients were reluctant to continue investing. Instead, they looked to her for new kinds of help. “All of a sudden,” says Pasciak, “clients were calling for help around their financial predicaments.” People were being laid off and needed help deciding how to use their savings and severance packages to their best advantage.

One or two coaching sessions really made a difference for Pasciak’s clients. “They came to me thinking they needed information about their financial options,” says Pasciak, “but, they really needed help getting clear about what they wanted to do with their life.” One client thought he needed advice about the lowest price he should accept for an offer on his business. After coaching with Pasciak, he realized the money didn’t matter. He really wanted out of the business so he could pursue another dream. Another client called Pasciak to determine if she should file bankruptcy. Together, Pasciak and the client discovered bankruptcy would not help her predicament. Then, they co-created a short-term solution that will carry the client through the next few months. “Co-creating is much more powerful than dispensing advice,” Pasciak says. And the client thinks so too. At the end of the session, the client said to Pasciak, “Boy, you’re better than any therapist I’ve ever known!”

Pasciak began QSI’s coach training program in 2007, learning skills that use her body, emotions and thoughts to improve the quality of her relationships, career and health. “It’s a powerful program,” explains Pasciak, “because you’re not sure you’re learning anything. And then something happens in your life and you react differently. You’re automatically more empowered.” Pasciak is referring to the Accelerated Learning Technologies built into QSI’s training programs. “It’s as if the learning is automatic,” Pasciak says. “One day you’re struggling with life, and the next day, everything seems much easier, more manageable.”

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Quantum Spirit International [QSI] was founded in 1998 to research, educate and share self-coaching techniques that empower clients and foster spiritual development. QSI offers training programs that teach self-coaching skills for individuals, coaches and organizations. Visit QSI’s website at
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