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Wellingborough, Northampton (PressExposure) October 19, 2011 -- Lucid dreaming, as the name implies, are dreams in which one is conscious that one is dreaming. The dreamer is also able to actively participate in the dream itself and manipulate his imaginary experience. These dreams are still real and vivid to the dreamer. The dreamer usually becomes conscious that he is dreaming in the middle of the dream itself. explains lucid dreaming to its visitors and teaches them how to lucid dream by consciously controlling dreams to stop nightmares and enhance self-development, or just for fun. Through lucid dreaming, one can experience realistic simulations and re-experience past events that occurred in real life through the power of the subconscious. instructs its readers how to lucid dream on a regular basis and the main objectives to achieve this, such as keeping a dream journal, reality checks and recognising dream signs. Visitors are also guided through various techniques and products that can be used to lucid dream. lists the reasons why a person should start learning how to lucid dream. Most importantly it states that with 1/3 of an average person's life spent on dreaming, a person can experience time in a different manner. Lucid dreaming can also help with learning more about oneself by communicating directly with the subconscious. It can also be used to improve aspects of one's life or change in certain ways, for example, by instructing the subconscious that you want to stop smoking. It can also help out people who are plagued with nightmares by becoming more aware and turning future nightmares into pleasant lucid dreams.

Other people seek to lucid dream just for some harmless fun as it lets the dreamer be as creative and innovative as he likes. starts visitors off by listing 101 things one can choose to do in a lucid dream such as fly, walk up a building or have a conversation with a celebrity. The options are endless. For more information on how to learn to lucid dream visit

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