Self-Proclaimed Womanizer Teaches Men Monogamy Is Unnatural

New York, New York (PressExposure) June 29, 2011 -- Getting laid is a natural human function and being able to seduce women is something so inherit to manliness that it is contained within the very DNA of the male species. Unfortunately, society today has gotten off track. They’ve lost sight of the “man is king” mentality and many men are struggling to find their identity in an ever-changing, woman-centric society. This has caused many of them to lose track of their natural inclinations and animalist functioning.

Father Pharaoh, New York City street philosopher, has come out with the first of a series of ebooks explaining why men are having trouble getting the women they want and how to overcome it. His ebook “[]” discusses what he feels has gone wrong with society and how to overcome it.

The book will help you to “Make being a sexual god one of your goals” (page 64). This is done by embracing masculinity and learning to be proud of it. Father Pharaoh feels that society has pushed men to the breaking point, domesticating them and denying them of the natural desires. This has led to a whole generation of “whimpy” men who don’t know how to go out and get the women they want in life. However, with the reconditioning from this ebook the author feels that you can easily learn how to play the game to be a successful womanizer.

The ebook, which was only recently released, has already pulled in a number of positive reviews. Pharaoh himself based The Womanizer Game ebook on his own life and successful attempts at bedding the beautiful ladies of NY. Readers learn about the game through a series of four sections which focus on teaching men to be more confident and more open to going after what they want. It is more than just a confidence building exercise, it is a way of life.

About The Womanizer Game

The author Father Pharaoh is a poet, philosopher, and self dubbed “womanizer” living in New York City, NY. He intends to publish several more eBooks in the upcoming year to help men be more successful in their sexual conquests and live like the kings. Visit his website [] to pick up The Womanizer Game ebook. You can also follow him on twitter @FatherPharaoh

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