Self Promoting Versus Product Promoting

Telford, PA (PressExposure) December 16, 2009 -- There are often two different primary ways of marketing your company. The first is by focusing on something your company does. Think about those who promote different services they provide, products they sell, or the prices they have.

With a marketing approach like this, the products are going to be the center of your marketing. Your company name will be there, yes, but the focus will remain primarily on your product or service.

If low prices is the approach than everything in your marketing will emphasize the prices, usually in comparison to the competition. You will mention the prices of various items, your company name in the top or bottom corner of the advertisement. Your company name will always be there, but never in the center of the ad, because that is not really the point.

The other kind of marketing is promoting your company specifically. You do not mention any one product or one aspect of your company that is good, but do a general promotion of your company and your brand name.

These kinds of advertisements will have a strong emphasis on a company name or brand name. The company may greatly promote low prices in something like this as well, but the focus of the ad will be on the company offering those low prices rather than the prices themselves. Just like with products, there might be products on those advertisements, but this will not be the primary focus.

The reason why companies are going to promote themselves rather than just products is because quite often multiple stores sell the same products. If you sell computers, and you just promote your computers non-stop without much focus on you, then people might end up wanting a computer, but they will not always buy it from you. They might go to the competition instead, because all you were doing was pushing computers.

The best way to avoid this is by using a combination of the two forms. Something like custom greeting cards offer you a good way of advertising yourself. By sending out these greeting cards uniquely crafted to reflect your company, you can introduce yourself to people, and explain why your company is the one for them.

Along with these custom greeting cards, you can continue to get your other types of marketing done as well, such as posters or brochures, promoting your products. This way people will be more aware of your company name from your greeting cards, and they become encouraged to buy your products from your other advertising.

You cannot expect marketing success if you only emphasize one over the other. Do not just promote your products, but also promote your very company at the same time. Tell them why you are the best company to satisfy their needs.

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Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in the custom greeting cards industry and its benefits for small to medium-scale businesses.

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