Senior IBM Engineer Cites Small Emerging Hot Springs, Ar. Firm As 'A Firm To Watch'

Hot Springs National Park, AR (PressExposure) April 14, 2007 --

When writer Rick London-Stetelman (Rick London) suffered a major heart attack that disabled him in 2001, he went to Hot Springs “to die”. But he didn't. A year later he went back to college at age 48 and completed three years at Western Governors University ( He is currently on a 5 month sabbatical to take care of health issues and to complete a project he never dreamed he would have conceived and spearheaded, “Insert Alert”. (see power point presentations at [].)

Insert Alert is the world's first and only GPS satellite medical device that not only monitors patient/victim information, but “auto-dials” the nearest 9-1-1, purveying all vital signs, who the person is, and where. It is worn as a bracelet or necklace and contains a complex computer chip being developed by ASC Technologies of Glen Bernie, Md.

London says, “I think the beauty of the technology of this device, as opposed to the others on the market is that it even knows when the person wearing it has a big problem even if that person does not. For instance mild heart attacks are usually dismissed as indigestion. Insert Alert “knows” the difference, even if the victim does not, and “dials” 9-1-1 with all important information, vital signs, medial history, and name and location of person.

London adds, “And it's ideal for the military. It is virtually impossible for a soldier to get lost or kidnapped without the GPS satellite tracking system to show exactly where he/she is.

Even a person having a scuba diving accident can be located immediately with the nearest 9-1-1 seeing location, oxygen level, etc. There are just thousands of reasons someone can use an Insert Alert and we are all very excited about it.

Senior engineer Dr. Andrew Beiler of IBM in New York (also a physicist) said, “This device will raise the bar of biotechnology as we have known it for the past decade. It is ingenious.”

Dr. Beiler should know as he has worked for decades in biotechnology, government and military, and other sections of business and government while at IBM.

. London says to ignore the “machine-look” of the device in the presentation that they are designing it to look more like fashionable jewelry than what is on the presentation at his website.

He says, “ASC began development last night of the first phase which will take 65 man-hours.

After that, we will know the look and feel of the device, the weight, and approximate end price to the retail buyer.

“Then”, London says, the second phase begins which will take about 1700 man-hours to complete the entire prototype.”

He adds, “Of course then we have to get FDA approval, which is a bit of a formality, I'm told, since the engineer already knows the classification, it is non-invasive, and does not emit radiation.”

“But then,” London adds, we have to get it UL Approved, which is not a rule, but for the device to be taken seriously and know it does what we say it does, it is worth jumping through their hoops.”

Attorneys are currently changing London's group to a corporation which will be called North American Satellite Systems (NASS).

London says investors have already approached him to purchase stock as the media picked up on it early and is beginning to write stories about it, which is a bit silly because there is so much we still don't know regarding the inner workings of the device (but will in a few months). Right now,

I guess, the biggest news is that the technology is available, and it will be made sometimes this year.”

London has not decided if his group will manufacture it or farm it out.

“We have a board, we'll vote, and that will be that.”

He adds, “We'll sell some stock but I really am not interested in this time at taking it public.”

London is also the founder of Londons Times Cartoons, the Internet's largest indendent cartoon site which is highly rated by Alexa and Netcraft, Londons Times Superstore which sells his cartoon licensed goods and a more serious retail outlet that serves home offices (London works from a home office) selling computers, copiers, etc. [].

He plans to finish school by the end of 2008 or so, and then think about an MBA.

“Finally learning is fun,” says London. “I was a terrible student and now I am like a sponge. I guess some folks are just late bloomers.”

For more information contact NASS 501-588-1966 or

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