Separated by Law

Marikina, Philippines (PressExposure) April 24, 2008 -- Legal separation is a possible step towards divorce under the laws of many countries. A couple is legally separated only if the couple has successfully petitioned a court to recognize their separation; simply living apart does not constitute separation for these purposes.

A period of legal separation may constitute grounds for divorce and some countries require some period of legal separation before a divorce can take effect. Some states within the United States require separation before divorce. The required period of separation before filing for divorce varies.

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the ending of a marriage before the death of either spouse. Rather than an annulment which puts the parties in the position they were before the marriage. Visit the st. louis divorce attorney to know more about this.

In some jurisdictions, the terms of the divorce are determined by the court. Though they may take into account prenuptial agreements or postnuptial agreements, or simply ratify terms that the spouses have agreed on privately.

But often, spouses will disagree about the terms of the divorce, which will then lead to stressful and expensive litigation. Check out the st. louis divorce attorney to know more about this.

Several approaches to have been implemented in having a divorce, these less adversarial approaches include mediation and more recently, collaborative divorces.

Collaborative divorce is becoming a popular method for divorcing couples to come to agreement on divorce issues. In a collaborative divorce, the parties negotiate an agreed resolution with the assistance of attorneys who are trained in the collaborative divorce process and in mediation, and often with the assistance of a neutral financial specialist and/or divorce couches. Check out the st. louis divorce attorney to know more about this.

The subject of divorce as a social phenomenon is an important research topic in sociology. In many developed countries, divorce rates increased markedly during the twentieth century. Among the countries in which divorce has become commonplace are the United States, Canada, and members of the European Union. If you want more information about divorces and its approaches, then visit the st. louis divorce attorney for more details.

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