Setting the Pace at Pet Supermarket is Jennifer VoicePlus

Wexford, PA (PressExposure) July 13, 2011 -- Lucas Systems, Inc., (, the leading provider of voice-directed warehouse applications for open, mobile computers, announced the addition of Speedometer, a real-time productivity feedback tool, as part of the Jennifer VoicePlus system for voice picking and other warehouse operations. Speedometer gives voice picking users and DC managers, real-time productivity updates and alerts. Warehouses using Speedometer have seen additional productivity gains of up to ten percent above the gains achieved since moving to voice directed operations.

Last month a few folks from Lucas participated in the City of Pittsburgh Marathon. Our team included one marathoner, two half marathoners, and a team of five relay runners (slackers!). The interesting and relevant news is that the overall winner of the 26.2 mile race was the runner who was hired to set a fast pace - the pace setter or "rabbit." The rabbit's job is to push the other runners to run a fast race.

Pet Supermarket, a regional retailer based in Ft. Lauderdale, has its own Rabbit, according to Oscar Martinez, Director of Distribution. Oscar knows that when he assigns this guy - let's call him Roger - to pick in the "dog pound" (a pallet rack section where they pick heavy bags of dog food and similar items), Roger is going to do his best to pick faster than the guys who typically work there. And the other guys in the dog pound are going to put out a special effort to beat Roger.

At break times the guys check their productivity rates with managers who can view up to the minute statistics using Jennifer's Engage Management Console. (Engage is the Web-based management reporting, configuration and administrative application that is a key part of Jennifer VoicePlus.) At Pet Supermarket this friendly competition boosts productivity. But it's only possible if there's a way for users to get feedback on their pick rates throughout the shift.

Likewise, objective performance feedback is a key component of any well-designed labor standards program. If you want your workers to meet their goals, they really need to know where they stand. The problem for many labor standards programs is that the feedback comes after the fact - at the end of the shift or the end of the week, when it is too late for workers to pick up the pace. That is, until now.

Lucas systems recently introduced a Speedometer module to address this challenge. Speedometer gives Jennifer voice users real-time productivity updates as they work. So while a user is working he can ask "Jennifer what is my current productivity?" Better yet, DC managers can configure Speedometer so that Jennifer will warn a user if his or her productivity drops below 90% of pre-defined pick rates (based on historical averages or engineered labor standards). The first customers that rolled out Speedometer have seen immediate gains in productivity above and beyond the increases they experienced when first moving to voice. In each case, Speedometer was turned on after users had been working with Jennifer, at a point where the initial productivity gains from moving to voice had reached a plateau.

The direct productivity gains attributed to Speedometer are typically a few incremental percentage points above what is gained in moving from RF or paper-based picking to voice.

About Lucas Systems, Inc.

Since 1998, Lucas Systems has delivered more voice-directed distribution center solutions on a wider variety of mobile computers than any other company in the business. Jennifer, the Lucas voice solution, creates a conversation with warehouse workers that frees their hands and eyes to focus on the job at hand. Jennifer also provides managers and supervisors with reporting and management tools that help them better manage their operations.

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About Lucas Systems, Inc.

Jennifer VoicePlus is the leading voice directed warehouse solution for open, industry standard mobile computers. Jennifer supports voice picking and other warehouse tasks, helping associates work faster with fewer errors. Her user-friendly voice and flexible, building block design ensures the perfect fit for any distribution center, delivering a bigger, faster ROI.

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