Seven Deadly Problems Haunting Every Flash Creator - Shocking Report

New Delhi, India (PressExposure) May 10, 2008 -- There are Seven Deadly Problems haunting Every Person who wants to create flash for his/her website.

You need to be informed of this. Remember, that not every person who wants to make a flash based website gets tormented by ALL these problems but Every person is plagued by at least ONE of these problems always.

Problem Number ONE

Desktop Flash Software Are Outrageously Expensive!

This shouldn't be hard to figure out, but to create a flash movie, the first thing you need to do is to purchase some outrageously expensive software (e.g. like Flash CS3 that costs $700!). Desktop software will be always expensive because they bear overheads like packaging, OS versions, training, support, & distribution, which somebody has to pay, right? This essentially in the end comes out of your pocket.

Problem Number TWO

Flash isn't easy. There is A Huge learning Curve and Lots of Technical Mumbo-Jumbo to learn first!

Did you know that provides certification courses in Flash Programming? So you just spent over $1000 dollars buying all this expensive software from them just to find out that you've also bought a 1,000 page getting started manual with it? Further, Adobe's Flash as we know it is not click and point – you have to write programs and logic for it in two different programming languages called ActionScript and Flex for creating even the most basic of the animations.

Problem Number THREE

Shortage of Necessary Features and Effects!

Let's suppose like a true Flash Programmer, you spend $700 of buying the basic Flash Program and then you spend over 3 months studying ActionScript programming. Yet somehow you still won't be able to figure out how to create the very simplest of text and image effects… Why?

That's because the effects have to be purchased separately. To add those effects now you will need to spend more buying Flash plugins like SwishMax that cost another $250 (that's per plugin!).

Problem Number FOUR

You are often displeased with the final product because the designer just`couldn't "GET IT" ...And, then You have to pay Flash programmers over and over again for making the minutest of the updates!

Let's say you have come to the conclusion by now that you don't want to get your hands dirty learning the Flash programming language - but you do have a thousand dollars to spare using which you hire a professional Flash designer to create a flash movie for you. Well, you'd not be the first to come up with such a plan but for those before you who did, they've all have had one problem in common...

Explaining your design to a flash programmer is like playing the game of Chinese whispers. What you said and what comes out are two totally different things. Making it a very expensive compromise from your end.

Besides the above, there is also another problem in getting someone else to do this work for you. The problem is that you have to pay the designer separately for every single movie you have her create and secondly you even have to pay her for all updates later on too! ...even if that is the smallest of a change in your movie like adding a photo or updating your company's logo – they keep billing you over and over again like a clockwork.

Problem Number FIVE

You CANNOT Publish Your Flash Movies To YouTube Or Any Other Heavy Traffic Websites!

What good is a flash movie if nobody ever gets to see it? Flash movies currently are only published as SWF but the SWF file format is NOT supported on one heavy traffic website including YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Metacafe,, Break, Google Video, etc. You may not realize it but these are the websites that get over 100 million hits a day alone! So isn't it a little sad that with traditional Flash makers you still are going to host your movies as SWF on a website getting 100 unique visitors per year when you could instead post it on YouTube and use a part of their heavy traffic for your own website?

Problem Number SIX

It's hard to find the right photos, videos and music to make flash movies!

It's not hard to see that to create a flash movie you need photos and videos and other multimedia. Professional Flash designers generally have budgets of thousands of dollars so they don't mind purchasing their media from commercial stock photos and videos websites. It a pricey thing to do but then they do mind spending, because in the end it's coming out of your pocket (not theirs). Do you see how the costs keep adding up at every step when you're using the old traditional ways to create flash movies?

Problem Number SEVEN

Lousy or No Customer Support!

Not all Flash Makers offer good customer support. Big companies will even charge you extra per question per hour as consultation fee. Some of the services even with good intentions are offering incompetent support. Sometimes a large company hires an employee and gives them a small monthly fee and they just don't have the motivation to really take good care of the customers on their network, because they are working on a small salary. Support questions should be answered within 24 hours.

Fortunaly a new Flash Maker called has entered the market and claims to solve all the above the problems!

I tried it and i was completely blown away by how great it is! You should try it too at

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