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Livonia, MI (PressExposure) September 10, 2009 -- Sexual dysfunction, also known as sexual malfunction is term which refers to difficulties that an individual or a couple faces during a stage of normal sexual activity. People experience different types of sexual dysfunctions among which the most common are arousal, orgasm and sexual desire disorder. Sexual desire disorder or decreased libido is the lack of desire for sexual activity and sexual fantasies for some time. Sexual desire disorder refers to general lack of sexual desire as well as lack of sexual desire in one for his/her current partner. Generally sexual desire disorders occur in individual after a period of normal sexual functioning and in people who always have a low sexual desire.

There are several causes for occurrence of decreased libido or sexual desire disorder in people but commonly it occurs due to reduced production of normal estrogen in the body of women and testosterone in both women and men. Besides, pregnancy, fatigue, aging, medications like SSRI, psychiatric conditions like anxiety and depression often lead to this sexual dysfunction.

Sexual arousal disorder is another common form of sexual dysfunction that people often suffer from. Earlier, sexual arousal disorder is termed as frigidity in case of women and impotence in case of men but now it is termed as erectile dysfunction. Generally things like erectile dysfunction and frigidity occur in people due to lack or avoidance of sexual contact with a partner for a long period. In case of men, lack of sexual excitement and pleasure in sexual activity often lead to partial or complete failure to maintain the erection of the penis.

There may be medical causes to these disorders, such as decreased blood flow or lack of vaginal lubrication. Chronic disease can also contribute, as well as the nature of the relationship between the partners. Unlike disorders of orgasm, as the success of sildenafil (Viagra) attests, most erectile disorders in men are primarily physical conditions. There could be different reasons behind the occurrence of sexual arousal disorder like damage to the nervi erigentes, that causes delay in erection, diabetes, the reduces the flow of blood to the tissue in the penis and psychological problems.

Orgasm disorders refer to persistent delay or absence of orgasm after a phase of sexual excitement. It is very common in both men and women. Presence of high quantity of SSRI antidepressants in the body is often cited as a reason behind such disorders.

Other than these, sexual pain disorders like Dyspareunia, and Vaginismus, and Vulvodynia or Vulvar vestibulintis, that are very common in women, are major sexual dysfunction that people often suffer from.

However, there is no reason to believe that such diseases or disorders are incurable. Thanks to the state-of-the art infrastructure, availability of modern surgical instruments in the urological centers and efficient urologists, getting proper treatment for sexual dysfunctions is not a big deal at all. And if you are a resident of Livonia or the state of Michigan, you can be rest assured of getting your problems cured, if there is any as Dr Jano is always at your service. Dr Jano is among the most reputed urologists in entire Michigan and is known for his professionalism. He has got the expertise of the highest level that helps him deal with critical sexual and urological problem easily. Dr Jano is available both at hospitals and his personal chamber in Livonia. So if you are not feeling like having sex with your partner, don't waste time and rush to Dr Jano's chamber today. The queue may be long but don't loose patience because Dr Jano does not take much time for diagnosis of patients.

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