Sharper Edge Releases Version 3 Of Its Intelligent Math Game, MathRider

Beecroft, Australia (PressExposure) January 25, 2012 -- Sharper Edge is a boutique software house that first developed the MathRider game in 2010 to help children master arithmetic faster. Now in its third generation, the MathRider math game offers a vastly improved user interface, extensive statistics and enhanced intelligence for adapting to each player.

MathRider Version 3 is a result of the on-going commitment of the company to keep improving the game for its users.

The game helps children master all arithmetic math facts, covering numbers zero to twelve in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What makes it unique is that MathRider continuously adjusts to the player's current skill level, so that the game is never too easy yet never too hard. The game utilises stories, animated rewards and progress feedback to keep children involved. Parents and educators can use a colour coded matrix to pin-point areas of weakness.

Version 3 improves the way the game decides on what questions to ask the player next. Most noticeable about Version 3 is the inclusion of extended statistics, which allow parents and children to monitor not only their current strengths and weaknesses, but also their rate of improvement over time.

Says founder and software architect, Thomas Brand, "I originally decided to develop MathRider when I could not find a math game that helped my own children. I found that my children's understanding of math was quite sound - and what they really needed was sufficient practice. That is the case with most children."

Brand continues: "It was clear to me that a game needed to be rewarding to play for children, but also sufficiently focused on math. It had to be intelligent, so that it could get kids to mastery in as little time as possible without being too pushy or boring."

"With Version 3 we have taken the game to another level. The interface has been completely redesigned. We have improved the way the game works out what math questions to ask next. And we have now given our users the ability to see just how much their children have really improved. In our testing we have found that kids very often improve their speed and accuracy in a given operation by more than 100% within just a week or two. We are now able to show this visually."

Parents and educators interested in finding out more about the latest version of MathRider, the intelligent math facts game, can visit the game's website at

About Sharper Edge

Sharper Edge was founded in 2001 as a boutique software house. The company is based in Sydney, Australia.

James Rheine, Marketing Manager
Sharper Edge
31 Hannah Street, Beecroft NSW 2119

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