She is My anger - New eBook Breaks A Few Rules

Ocala, FL (PressExposure) January 03, 2012 -- 'She is My anger', a new eBook by Sean Daniel Shortwinter, doesn't seem so groundbreaking at first with this description:

God has a serious problem on Earth, and He's decided to personally intervene. With the help of Detective Andrea Moss, they go after an under-the-radar serial killer who has been targeting adolescent girls for years. The murderer has become quite efficient at his job. And he should be, he practiced on his own daughter.

That pesky rule about messing with mankind's freewill? More of a guideline, really.

But this book was written from a new perspective - God in the first person. The reader is not only immersed in a thriller, but also finds out where God came from, His favorite soda, what really happened with Lucifer, and why the French always go straight to Hell.

The reader is also introduced to God's four Archangels, who aren't anything to write home about. While trying to stop a killer that has already taken fifteen children, God saves a teen girl, teaches an abortion clinic owner a valuable lesson, and becomes a sneaky matchmaker.

Sean Daniel Shortwinter has spent the last decade building a literary infrastructure for Heaven, where extraordinary people have jobs working for God in their afterlife. One of those jobs is at the Joint Human Analysis Directorate, where murderers on Earth are tracked with efficiency, especially those who harm kids.

The Directorate was organized in 1971 by Harry Moss, formerly of the FBI. Harry and God have become close over the past few decades, and share a common ground when it comes to children in jeopardy. God has to deal with 1,700 murdered children each day, and this has serious consequences. The reader learns that God can only be pushed so far before He gets angry. Then God gets even.

'She is My anger' - a fresh and different look at the afterlife by Sean Daniel Shortwinter. And at 99 cents it's definitely worth checking out at Amazon or Smashwords. Remember, God is watching.

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Sean Daniel Shortwinter is a Florida-based writer

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