ShellObjects.Net 2008 Released With Full Support For Visual Studio 2008 And Vista

Pune, India (PressExposure) August 19, 2008 -- ShellObjects.Net 2008 brings to your app quick-launch-like appbars, MSN/Office2003 style popups, wizards, automatic form resizing, system-wide hotkeys, animated trayicons, Explorer-like progress dialogs and much more. ShellObjects.Net is written in 100% C# managed code; it fully supports Visual Studio 2008 with Net 3.5/3.0 and Vista; it has a royalty-free redistribution license; it has no external dependencies and it comes with comprehensive documentation and numerous samples.

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ShellObjects has following components ShellAppBar -------------------- *Quickly and easily convert your forms into application desktop toolbars - simply place the component on your form and you are done! *Dock appbars to any screen edge or leave them undocked. *Complete support for animated autohide functionality when appbar is not in user. *Support for appbar resizing when docked. *Complete support for drag-docking of appbars. *Support for multi-monitor configurations.

ShellPopupNotification ----------------------------------- *Displays multiple popups in MSN or Office2003 style with complete customization of appearance. *Multiple popups are automatically arranged on the screen and the arrangement origin and direction can be customized. *Popups can be displayed using slide, fade or a combination of slide-fade animation with complete customization of animation properties and various slide styles. *Popups can also be shown at programmer-defined locations on the screen. *Popups can have a close button and an options button with the ability to automatically show a contextmenu when the options button is clicked *Popups can be dragged around in Office2003 style by the gripper bar. *A simple yet comprehensive API consisting of properties, methods and events allows complete customization and advanced control over the behavior.

Wizard ------------- Powerful design-time features : Create Welcome pages with a ready to use 'Welcome Page' template. Create Inner pages with page headers. Create a Finish page. Create the above three types of pages using designer verbs (right-clicking on the control) or using the "Page Manager" dialog. Complete support for designing the UI of each page just like you would design a form. Easily navigate between wizard pages at design time using easily accessible links or the "Page Manager" dialog. Easily reorder pages within the wizard using the "Page Manager" dialog. Easily delete pages from the wizard using designer verbs or simply hitting the 'Delete' key.

Runtime features : Supports automatic back/forward page navigation. Automatically enables/disables and shows/hides Back, Next, Finish, Cancel & Help buttons depending on the position of the current page in the wizard and whether the page is a Welcome, Inner or Finish page. Support for page headers with a bold caption, a description and a header image. Buttons can be enabled/disabled or shown/hidden on a per-page basis. Powerful customization allows dynamic alteration of page flow using wizard-level and page-level events. Atomically fills the host form using DockStyle.Fill. Supports an always visible Finish button in addition to the Next button. Support disabling of buttons and display of a wait cursor during page changes if page changing is a time-consuming process. Support custom painting of the wizard.

ShellProgressDialog ----------------------------- Display user-friendly system-standard progress dialogs while performing lengthy operations. Displays stock system animations or custom animations. Displays progress bar indicator. Displays upto three lines of messages to convey progress details to the user. Automatically display 'time remaining' estimate.

Resizer --------------- Simply adding the Resizer component to a form adds automatic sizing and resolution independence to the form. Resizing behavior of individual controls can be customizing and controlled at design-time or runtime. Automatically saves/restores the size and position of the host form during form load/unload. Automatically resizes the host form if the display resolution changes or if it is different from the design-time display resolution.

TaskDialog ------------------- Full support for the new Vista task dialogs. Comprehensive task dialog features and functionality exposed via a simple set of methods, properties and events. Supports all task dialog features including progress bars, buttons, radio buttons, expando buttons and more.

SystemHotKey --------------------- Define system wide hotkeys which are listened for even when your application is not the active application. Full design-time support allows easy definition of the hotkey at design time. Hotkey can be enabled/disabled.

ShellFileOperation -------------------------- Easily perform copy, move, delete and rename operations on files/folders using the same API that is used by the OS. Full support for sub-folders/files (fully recursive operations). Operate on multiple files/folders at once. Shows progress dialog while operation is in progress. Asks for confirmations from user.

SystemIdleTimer ------------------------- Notifies when the system has been idle (no keyboard or mouse input) for a developer-defined interval. Notifies when the system resumes activity after exiting the idle state.

SingleInstanceComponent ----------------------------------- Just 1-line of code in the Main method allows your application to get notified when another instance of the same application is started. Support for passing of custom data such as command-line parameters from the new instance to the previous instance. The new instance can be optionally prevented from running.

TaskScheduler ------------------------ Total control of the Windows Task Scheduler service Create, modify or delete tasks on local and remote computers. Add or delete a variety of triggers (event triggers, date/time triggers) from tasks. Simple yet powerful API for easy access to all features of the Task Scheduler.

ShellNotifyIcon ------------------------ *Displays icons in the shell tray notification area. *Supports animation with complete control over the animation properties. *Supports multiple icons - a different icon can be shown at different times depending on the state of your application. *Automatically display a context menu when the icon is clicked or right-clicked. *Supports balloon style infotips when the icon is added to the system tray. *Displays a tooltip when the mouse moves over the icon. *A simple yet comprehensive API consisting of properties, methods and events allows complete customization and advanced control over the behavior.

ShellLink ----------------- *Allows applications to read, modify and create new shortcut/ shellinks (*.lnk files) through a simple set of properties and methods.

UrlLink ---------------- *Allows applications to read, modify and create new internet shortcuts (*.url files) through a simple set of properties and methods.

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