Shocking - Why States Aren't Telling You the Truth About Your Hydroponics Nutrients?

Abbotsford, Canada (PressExposure) April 15, 2011 -- The truth is that the labels on the hydroponic nutrients which you purchase from any local hydroponics store do not provide you with the complete information. And consequently as a grower you are forced to make a decision based on incomplete information which will have drastic consequences on your yields. As a grower, even though you have the right to know what you are paying for, you do not get the information. For instance, you're in your favorite hydroponics store and looking at two different companies' bloom enhancer labels trying to decide which one of these products is right for you. You notice that though both the labels have exactly the same ingredients listed on them, one of the bloom enhancers is costlier than the other; so you buy the one that costs less, which under normal circumstances is an obvious thing to do. However, the truth is that one that was costlier contained a lot more ingredients that you weren't aware of because they weren't listed on the label.

This all started way back in 1930, by AAPFCO and state regulators when they formulated a stringent list of what they consider to be acceptable "plant food ingredients". Unfortunately this list is dated and is not applicable to any of the progressive growing technologies and hydroponics. Due to this, today's hydroponics nutrients and their labels are way more tightly regulated than vitamins and supplements ingested by humans. As hydroponic growers, even though we realize that there are a whole bunch of newly discovered compounds which are useful for growth, the nutrient manufacturers are not able to mention the same on their labels.

In fact the rule dictates that if a hydroponics nutrients manufacturer wants to put "non-listed" ingredients in their products and list those substances on the labels, and tell how those substances help your crops, it is almost nearly impossible to convince AAPFCO and state regulators.

Every time you go into your local hydroponics store and look at nutrient companies' product labels you're being robbed of the truth and being forced to make a decision with incomplete information you would need to make the right choice.

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