Shoebooks Says It Is Advantageous To Use Online Payroll Software

Hawthorn, Australia (PressExposure) July 01, 2011 -- Payroll plays a major role in any business. It is one of the most vital elements in businesses as it both affects the administrative and employee sides of any business. For the employees' viewpoint, payroll paid accurately and timely is the satisfying compensation of a job well done while for business owners, it is crucial because it can considerably affect the net income of any business.

Payroll accounting must be done accurately and timely for any errors can cause businesses to lose money and cause unnecessary upsets to employees.

Payroll is a source of joy for employees and a major administrative headache for businesses, especially small-business owners, if done inaccurately. So in order to avoid this, businesses nowadays are making use of online payroll services that use payroll software that will assist them in their payroll accounting and processing.

Employing online payroll software is very advantageous to businesses because:

1. It provides an edge to businesses as to its accuracy and giving up-to-date information over a business financial status.

2. It is safe and secure because online payroll provides automatic back-upping of data and is housed in secure data centers using encrypted data transmission.

3. It provides flexibility to both businesses and employees for it can be access anywhere.

With these reasons, many businesses nowadays employ online payroll software services provided by reliable topnotch online accounting and bookkeeping software provider like Shoebooks.

Shoebooks provides a wide range of online payroll services that are ideally perfect to suit any business needs.

Shoebooks online payroll services for businesses are advantageous because it provides: (1) customizable online payroll services that varies depending on a business' number of employees and business payroll accounting method; (2) services that include payroll processing, super payments, and ATO reporting; (3) Fully integrated payroll module into Shoebooks Accounting Software; (4) a standalone payroll module if business utilizes another accounting system; (5) payroll solutions that can be offered on a fixed price basis; and (6) top of the line Payroll Software Solutions.

The payroll software solutions from Shoebooks offers the following advantages:

1. Online Timesheet submission that could be configured to be accessible to employees for online timesheet submission and employer's timesheet approval.

2. Offline Timesheet Submission where timesheets can be sent to Shoebooks by post, fax or email and Shoebooks will send back a set of reports together with an electronic payment to the employer.

3. Employer Sends Hours where employer can advise Shoebooks by phone, fax or email any payroll-related employee details

4. Bureau style for payroll function is fully outsourced to Shoebooks for Shoebooks: (a) sets up a payroll system that is set to capture employee hours and leave details; (b) will process the payroll, remit the funds to employees; (c) send a set of reports to the employer; (d) can process the electronic payment file on the employees' behalf; and (e) handles directly payroll enquiries from employees.

Shoebooks online payroll software is really advantageous to businesses!

About Shoebooks Pty Ltd. is an Australia-based online accounting software and bookkeeping company. They offer the simplest & most comprehensive payroll software and bookkeeping services on the market. They also offer flexible and affordable online bookkeeping solutions and provide consulting and training services to many businesses.

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