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Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 30, 2009 -- If you haven't buy products online yet, you are out of vogue now. Online shopping boasts in popularity today, as online shops provide unmatched convenience for us. For example, they open 24 per day, their products prices are lower, and they deliver goods directly to our doorsteps.

The kinds of products offered in these stores are varied, including music, flowers, pets, comic books, laptops [], games, apparels, mobile phones [], etc. Many rare products are also available in online stores such us classic trunks.

Online shopping danger exists. Common, inexperience shoppers easily become the victim of shopping spam and tricks. Although failure is the mother of success, no one is willing to experience failure. Why are smart, savvy shoppers seldom cheated online? Different from the common, they seldom:

1. Make a large quantity/huge cash order in a strange store, especially when they buy electronics, jewelry or other valuable items. What they like to do is to buy single or cheap order at first and test their target new store. Then they will make up their decision according to the store's services, attitude, and credibility.

Plus, before purchase, they always read the store info detailedly, like its contact info, paying method, terms & conditions, return policy, and so on.

2. Pay their purchase by cash. As we all know, credit card payment is safer than cash method. The paid money is still in our hand for certain period of time. Once problems happen, we could retrieve your money easily.

3. Buy products when they only visit one store. They like to compare different stores and choose the one that could offer the lowest prices and satisfactory quality.

4. Use too simple passwords. They probably never use their phone number, birth date, social security numbers as their passwords, as all those numbers are easily to be guessed by the intended. They like to use combinations of words and number as their passwords and change passwords regularly.

5. Reply to stranger's calls or e-mail. They always refuse to give personal information to people they are not familiar, including age, address, phone number, social security number, drivers license, and e-mail address.

You would enjoy secure, happy online purchase if you are alert all the time and never do the mentioned foolish actions.

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