ShoreHire Offers Advanced Propping And Traffic Equipments For Light Or Heavy Constructions

Greenacre, Australia (PressExposure) April 22, 2009 -- What they offer Traffic Equipments Their traffic equipments range from Waterfilled Barriers, Temporary Fencing, Triton TL2 to Steel Plate hire. ShoreHire offers the KI 1000 Waterfilled Barrier for a slow speed work zone, traffic delineator or pedestrian control. Their temporary fencing is complete with a galvanised finish and fully welded frame that is supported by a concrete block foot. This system is designed for fast erection and dismantling. The TL-2 Triton Barrier is water filled portable plastic barrier with internal steel frame ideal for work zones. The steel plates are used in various processes like on construction sites, from driveway access for vehicles to a large trench crossing for construction site traffic. Plate lifting grabs are offered for moving plates around any site. Prop Accessories Shorehire also offers Propping Accessories like T Locks, Sleepers and Needle Beams. For the tilt prop industry, the T Lock is a purpose built lock. These unique key systems prevent tampering onsite. It’s auto lock system allows an easy installation. Sleepers are used for different formations like sole plates to support and spread the load on various surfaces or grid patterns to form base pads. For propping and needling applications, Needle Beams are used. Propping Equipment

Propping Equipments [] are very much needed for building constructions whether small or big. They are necessary in constructions for support and safety. ShoreHire offers Propping Equipments like Tilt props [], Acrow props [], Titan props [], Multi props [], Trishore props [], Slim soldier [] and Megashore props []. For the tilt up slab construction, tilt propping equipments are used. The push pull prop can be used for high load applications. Every building construction needs the Acrow Props for support. The Acrow Props offers the simplest and quickest method of temporary support and that is why it is necessary in every construction. Titan Props can be easily handled in awkward locations and is suitable for tight and hard access applications. Multi props are considerably very light. The Multi Props are high load-bearing capacity. The Trishore Props can support heavy loads at considerable height, fine adjustment by screw jacks, economical and great savings in labour and transport, Trishore Props in groups can support exceptionally heavy loads and have interchangeable sections. Slim Soldier is a heavy-duty support for vertical and raking shoring. It can be used for variety of civil engineering and building works. The Megashore Props are ultra heavy-duty modular propping system, which has been designed for axial loads of up to 1,000 KN (100 tonne).

About Shorehire

Shorehire has been providing innovative and advanced propping and traffic equipment for many years. They have a whole range of propping equipments and shoring systems to make building construction of any kind easy. To know more about their equipments and accessories, visit []

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