Silent Sitting Meditation Lessons By Inner Metamorphosis University Helps Releasing Stress

Chicago, Illinois (PressExposure) February 24, 2011 -- Silent sitting meditation is one of the easiest to learn meditations, yet exceedingly fruitful and rewarding. How much does it cost to take few moments out of your busy schedule, sit down and stay completely calm trying to detach yourself from everything that you don't like or don't want to be around in your life? It does not take much. But as you do it you will see how benefitting and constructive it can prove for you. Few moments of silent sitting meditation can completely de-stress you and put you in a state of relaxation that you can ever imagine about being into.

The countless benefits of meditation are not new. These meditational therapies have been used since ancient times by great thinkers and achievers to keep them soaring, trying to develop a thinking which ultimately made them unique in this world. Not only scientists but great philosophers and famous personalities from all walks of life have witnessed the benefits of meditation. This is exactly what is being taught at the Inner Metamorphosis University Meditation Center on Howard Street at Sheridan Road, Chicago; improving the quality of your life.

Being able to feel the joy of silence is what silent sitting is all about. In this little amount of time, you do not think about any other thing in this world. You completely detach yourself from all the daily chores and worries of your life and concentrate on one single source of energy; one single ray of thought and tracking it back to its roots. By the end of that few moments, many wonderful things can happen which can change your life forever. If you really want to know more about the silent sitting meditation there is no better place to look for than the Inner Metamorphosis University.

About Inner Metamorphosis University

The Lifesurfing Program offered at the I.M.U. includes a variety of approaches to discover and enhance a state of a vibrant, wakeful inner quietness, which is the basis for inner freedom, joy and celebration.

Bhashkar Perinchery"s teachings form the basis for this program: classes, events & retreats. He has developed meditative exercises, some of which are directly of a harmonizing nature; other exercises provide ways to become aware and let go of limiting beliefs, concepts and prejudices about ourselves and others, and thereby indirectly prepare the basis for a spontaneous harmonizing process.

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