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Daly City, California (PressExposure) September 22, 2011 -- The new online store was conceived early this year, February 2011 as two friends chatted over coffee. The owner and retailer of Silky Dreams Sleepwear had decided then and there to market silk products, women's sleepwear in particular. Because her friend had a passion for textiles and was more knowledgeable in that area, she asked for suggestions on what to name the new store. The friend had one handy, and immediately suggested 'Silky Dreams'. Thus Silky Dreams Lingerie and Silky Dreams Sleepwear (one in the same site) were born.

"It is a breath of fresh air to find tasteful silk and satin sleepwear available in so many sizes and colors. Thanks and congratulations for bringing to the web fine silk and satin sleepwear. To have a garment made of the finest silk is truly a sign of good taste, "Ana Maria Trigonis, owner and manager of Love Them Threads, comments after having seen the Silky Dreams website.

Silky Dreams' supplier, B.E. Apparel drew their inspiration for silk manufacturing from the legendary Four Beauties of China. Vera Ling of B.E. Apparel states, "According to legend, they are the most beautiful women of ancient China, and among the most significant as well. They have remained famous because of their effect on the emperors and kings with whom they were involved. Some brought kingdoms or dynasties to their knees. Most ended their lives in tragedy or mystery." This, besides the other benefits silk mentioned above, lends a touch of aristocracy to the wearer of silk and satin garments.

Their website is not so fancy, having just three categories: Sleepwear, Loungewear, and Robes. The intention behind it is so that customers can navigate in and out of the website quickly and easily.

Mercy Corps. Foundation is Silky Dreams choice for charitable funding. The idea was "to put the money where most needed and spent wisely," says the owner of Silky Dreams, and asked Mercy Corps., via long-time friend Geri Maguire Manzano, to allocate the funds as needed for immediate relief. The Mercy Corps. Banner is on the Home Page of the Silky Dreams website. Silky Dreams also hopes to link the ASPCA banner as well.

An excerpt from one article on silk written by the owner of Silky Dreams Sleepwear states, "The silk garment is soft, lustrous and remarkably strong. A strand of silk is stronger than some strands of steel of the same dimension. Interestingly, the molecular structure of silk is akin to that of human skin. Silk not only looks and feels good, silk performs well under pressure (such as a hot iron) and the fabric is cool to the body when hot (climate), and warm to the body when cold. Silk is also both delicate and remarkably strong."

Silky Dreams Sleepwear provides the most elegant of silk and satin sleepwear for women only. Silky Dreams, simply elegant.


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For additional information contact Melinda de los Santos, Silky Dreams Sleepwear, (415)307-1103,

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