Silver Set to Move Higher on Industrial Use, According to Penny Stock Detectives

New York, New York (PressExposure) February 24, 2012 -- Danny Esposito, co-editor for the financial newsletter Penny Stock Detectives, believes that silver is a monetary currency just like gold, as reported in a recent article. Esposito argues that silver bullion has many industrial uses as well and the fact that new industrial uses are being found almost every day for the precious metal make silver bullion a more attractive investment, not a less attractive investment. In fact, Esposito says that silver is set to move higher on industrial use.

"Silver was used as a monetary currency even before gold," notes Esposito. "As much as the talk is always about a return to the gold standard, the silver standard has been used as well throughout history."

Esposito sympathizes with concerned investors. History tells us that excessive money printing eventually, and always, leads to a collapse of the system. It is wise for a prudent investor to hold a portion of their assets in precious metals, silver bullion being one of them. Although many argue that gold is a purer form of currency than silver, because silver bullion in today's society has so many industrial uses, Penny Stock Detectives would strongly disagree. According to the newsletter, silver bullion is a precious metal and a currency just like gold.

"The investor not only owns a currency, but the investor also owns a chemical element that is the best electric conductor known to man. From biotechnology, to solar power, to batteries, to water purification, to glass and electronics, silver bullion is being used in many of the advancements found in technology and biotechnology today," comments Esposito.

Esposito says that it is silver bullion that transforms the sun's rays on a solar panel into energy. In the batteries used for cellular phones and laptops, you'll most likely find silver bullion. Most of the water filtration systems used today are sanitized by silver bullion. Washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners are among the goods that use silver bullion as a sanitizer. Instead of using the corrosive properties of chlorine to clean public swimming pools and hospital water supplies, more and more institutions are switching to silver-based filtration systems.

Esposito believes, "The fact that silver bullion acts as both a currency and an industrial metal that is found in many of the new advanced technologies today makes it an attractive investment for decades to come."

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