Simple Training Tips for French Bulldog Puppies

Saint Petersburg, Florida (PressExposure) January 07, 2010 -- The French bulldog is very quick to learn simple tasks, yet it is unpredictable as they are fairly willful and a bit stubborn on occasion. They respond to patient, consistent training that excludes hitting or harsh jerking. They love to run, play for hours and a daily walk is necessary. Additional care should be provided in hot weather conditions. These dogs are distinctive in their temperament and behaviors, which means some special considerations with the French Bulldog Puppies Training.

Daily Walks It is necessary for a French bulldog to take a daily walk. They contain a lot of energy that is not required and that should be expelled some how. The daily walks can also be a part of the training. In the training section you need to train them to sit, stay, come and lie.

Here are some simple tips for training: Sit - When teaching your dog to sit, put your one hand right above their head as if you are rewarding it. While doing this your dog will look up and about at the reward. Now use your other hand to push the dogs behind into a sitting position, note that your push must be a gentle one. At the same time say in a clear, firm tone, SIT. Once your dog sits, give them the treat and praise them.

Stay- After a couple of days when your dog has the sitting command correctly done, it is right time to train your dog to stay. When teaching your dog to stay, show your empty hand like a stop sign in front of your dog's face and in a clear, firm tone say STAY. When your dog does the command right, give them a double treat.

Come- Move a short distance away from the dog, stretch one or both you're hands towards your dog and say COME. When your dog completes its task correctly reward them.

Lie- Hold the reward right above their head and then slowly bring it down in front of the dog to the floor and say DOWN in clear and firm voice. Repeat this until your dog completes its task right.

Note- The training period should be short and frequent.

If you turn out to be frustrated, stop and try again later.

Be very Patient as these bulldogs have a will of their.

Be Consistent, French bulldog responds to only consistent training. If you leave a long break from the training then your dog will not learn properly.

Never hit or smack your dog during training section that can learn to dislike the training sessions.

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