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Midwest City, OK (PressExposure) September 08, 2009 -- Does size matter when it comes to a wearing a necklace or watch? Size is nice, big and flashy, but it's what it can do for you that really matters. What am I talking about? Well, a personal wearable medical and/or security alarm, of course!

Have you heard about or seen the new emergency medical alarms that masquerade as a piece of jewelry? They may look like jewelry, but the life saving benefits that they offer is a whole lot more than glitz!

If you're a senior, living alone, you might want to consider taking a look at this type of alarm. Living alone and being independent is what we all hope to be able to continue to do well into our later years. But, time has a cruel way of attacking us when we're not looking. As we age, arthritis and rheumatism seem to be common place. Blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol, low or high blood sugar, and medications become worrisome and interfere with daily life. But, no matter how annoying or inconvenient medical issues become, living independently is how we all hope to stay. We are comfortable in our own surroundings; in our own homes.

So, we must take every opportunity to keep the lives we worked so hard to achieve. Everyday, in every city, emergencies happen to unsuspecting people, such as falls, burns, cuts, and unintentional medicine overdoses. And, if you can't get to your phone, how will you get help before the damage is permanent or terminal? Does someone stop by everyday to chat or check to see if you need anything? Or, do you spend most of your days and nights alone?

If a stranger should appear at your door and you feel threatened, what would you do? If someone broke into your home in the middle of the night, do you have access to your phone? Or, if you were sleeping and the intruder hit, stabbed or shot you, most likely, you would not be able to get to your phone and call for help. As loathsome and scary as these types of scenarios are, they do happen, everyday, time and time again. And, if you're injured, by whatever means, without help you may lose your ability to live independently for the rest of your life.

This is where that small in size but big in benefits comes into play. If you can press a button on your pendant or watch, you can get the help you need. These types of alarms wear dual hats; they are a medical call alarm, and a home security alarm. No matter what your emergency is, help is right at your fingertips (literally).

When you press the panic button, a signal is sent to the control box, and a call is placed to the monitoring service operator. You are able to speak with the operator, in a normal speaking voice from anywhere in your home. You can tell them what the emergency is, where in your home you are, and how the emergency personnel can get inside your home. The operator will also call people you've designated. So, relatives and friends will be notified that you are in trouble and that help has been summoned.

But, as wonderful as all that is, if you are not able to speak, the operator will notify emergency personnel. No need for you to be able to talk, because if you do not or cannot respond, the operator will assume your condition is life-threatening and help will be summoned immediately.

With the new, affordable and wearable alarms you'll never need to fear or worry about not being able to get help. Anytime, night or day, you are protected and secure in knowing that help is hanging around your neck or wrapped around your wrist.

It might be small in size, but the benefits are enormous!

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