Skylight Safety a Must

Stamford, Connecticut (PressExposure) September 06, 2006 -- Skylights can add beauty and loftiness to a space. In fact "strategically placed quality skylights can increase the resale value of your home" says Richard Roll, President of the American Homeowners Association (AHA)®. But, if installed or maintained incorrectly, they can become a huge burden. The following information will ensure your family's safety and comfort year round.

General Subject Information: Skylights are simply windows in the roof. Like windows, skylights can either be fixed (unopenable) or operable (capable of being opened). The most commonly used skylights are made of acrylic or similar plastics, usually shaped in the form of a dome and set in an aluminum frame. Some skylights have flat plate glass in them. Another type of skylight is in the form of a tube that directs light through attics into a light diffuser at the level of the ceiling.

Recommended Use and Maintenance:

Be aware of the amount of humidity created in kitchens, baths, laundry rooms and other areas or devices that produce water vapor. This may result in excessive condensation at skylights. Take measures to reduce the humidity. For example, fans should always be operating while these rooms are in use.

Do not tint the inside surface of a dual pane skylight, as the heat may cause the seal to fail.

If a particular skylight warms the room too much and you feel uncomfortable with performance of the skylight, there are several screening and shading techniques and products available to provide additional protection.

Make sure that your skylights follow these specific guidelines for the safety of your home and your family. A leaky skylight can cause massive water damage and faulty installation can cause accidents. Not to worry though, because these cautionary reminders only make our lives more stress free so that we have more time to do what is most important to us.

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Richard J. Roll, American Homeowners Association (AHA) Founder and President, created the AHA in 1994 after speaking to thousands of homeowners and discovering that they were facing similar problems – high costs, no clout, little knowledge. The AHA helps homeowners and first-time homebuyers obtain the most value for their homes, build equity, avoid common pitfalls, and save $1000s on home improvements and home maintenance. Now the world’s leading homeowner’s savings, benefits and advocacy membership group, since its inception, AHA has served over 1 million homeowners and first-time home buyers and helps them to capture the most value in their homes, and make wiser decisions regarding home buying, selling, financing, maintenance and home improvements.

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