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Glendale, AZ (PressExposure) May 30, 2011 -- Sleep Apnea Revealed, an informational website on the sleep disorder of sleep apnea, has expanded its information base, and added new information about the various sleep test for sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a very serious sleep related breathing disorder which should not be disregarded and should be treated immediately. It is most common to middle-aged men and millions of people all over the world have it. The main characteristic of sleep apnea is loud, heavy snoring with long pauses in breathing. The person literally stops breathing for several seconds after deep inhalation and then wakes up subconsciously gasping for air or snorting. The whole time, the person is unaware of this apnea episode, falls back to sleep and the cycle repeats. For severe cases, this cycle could occur for more than a hundred times a night. Dangers could include brain damage due to oxygen deprivation and even death.

A sleep test can either be done in a sleep clinic or at home. There are several types of sleep tests ranging from a simple questionnaire to an overnight sleep study. This overnight test is referred to as a polysomnogram. Electrodes and wires will be attached to your body while you sleep to monitor your vitals. This would include the heart rate, muscle activity, breathing rate, brain activity and eye movement.

An example of a simple questionnaire test is the Epworth Sleepiness Scale test which aims to ask you several questions that you will need to answer to the best of your ability. It tests how likely you are to fall asleep in certain situations. Your score will reveal whether you should be further subjected to a sleep apnea study or if your sleepiness is normal.

Sleep Apnea Revealed provides you information about the various sleep tests to help determine if you are showing signs of sleep apnea. The website will continue to add additional information on this important sleep disorder.

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