Sleepwell Specialty Mattresses Has The Best Selection Of Non Toxic Mattresses In Sacramento

Sacramento, California (PressExposure) May 11, 2011 -- Sleepwell Specialty Mattresses of Sacramento has the largest selection of natural and organic mattress in the Sacramento Area. Organic mattresses sometimes called non toxic mattresses and natural bedding are essential components of a healthy sleep environment. Founded on the principles of better health through better sleep, Sleepwell Specialty Mattresses is part of a wellness movement.

What One Should Know About a Non Toxic Mattress

A non toxic mattress (also known as an organic mattress) can be bought at SleepWell Specialty Mattresses or on the internet. As these mattresses are often more expensive than regular mattresses, many people wonder if they are worth the extra expense. Following are some things that a person should know about mattresses made from all natural components.

What a Non Toxic Mattress Does Not Have

It is hard to believe that regular mattresses are made using harmful chemicals, but it is true. The mattress industry is required to make mattresses that are fire retardant; for this reason most mattress manufacturers coat the mattresses with chemicals that can make a person sick. Antimony, silica glass and other chemicals used on regular mattresses have been known to cause moderate to severe health problems. Mattresses that are chemical free are naturally a lot healthier. A mattress that does not contain chemicals will not cause a person to have allergic reactions. There are thousands of people who are allergic to either the chemicals on a regular mattress or the dust that tends to accumulate on the mattress. A mattress made from all natural components is not only chemical free; it also does not accumulate as much dust.

Non Toxic Mattresses are Comfortable

The bottom line for most people choosing a new mattress is comfort. An ncomfortable mattress will not afford a person a good night's sleep. Without enough rest, the body gets weaker and becomes more susceptible to disease. An individual who does not get a good sleep at night will also not be able to function at his or her personal best during the day. A good night's sleep is in many ways the key to health and success.

A non toxic mattress will always be more comfortable than a chemical laden attress. They are flexible and readily adjust to a person's body shape. They also provide better air circulation, which is ideal for the hot summer months.

What are Organic Mattresses Made From and How to Choose the Right One

Many organic mattresses are made using a combination of wool, natural latex and organic cotton. The inside of the mattress will either have springs or be composed of natural latex. Inner spring natural mattresses are able to take more wear and tear and are not as heavy as mattresses that are made with natural latex.

A person who is shopping for an organic mattress should consider what type of mattress would best suit his or her needs. Organic mattresses with inner springs are firmer. This makes them ideal for pregnant mothers and people who have lower back problems. On the other hand, mattresses made using natural latex are very comfortable as well, albeit a bit soft.

Mattresses made from all natural latex have varying degrees of density. The density is measured as ILD (Identification Load Deflection). A soft natural latex mattress will have an ILD of 18 or 19 while a firm one will have an ILD of 26 to 30. An individual who is buying an all natural mattress for the first time should visit a store that sells organic mattresses and try a few out. While natural mattresses are better than regular ones, not every natural mattress will be suitable for every single person.

A person who cares about his or her health should take the time to find the right non toxic mattress. Regular mattresses not only tend to accumulate dust but re made from harmful chemicals that the body absorbs during the night. There are many all natural mattresses to choose from; while these cost a bit more than regular ones they are well worth the price.

About SleepWell Specialty Mattresses

Visit Sleepwell Specialty Mattresses in Sacramento and speak to a sleep specialist about an non toxic
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