Small Web Companies Have Nothing To Fear From New Google Algorithm, Claims SEO Chief

Gloucester, Gloucestershire Great Britain (PressExposure) April 01, 2011 -- A leading UK SEO company has moved to allay the fears of many small businesses wondering how they are going to be affected by the recent changes to Google's search algorithm.

All Web Services managing director Mark Tawney delivered good news for many SMBs yesterday, stating "they have nothing to fear so long as they provide genuinely helpful content on their sites."

"The recent Google algorithm update has caused a lot of concern in the website design world, and perhaps nowhere has this concern been expressed more than with small web companies that rely on organic traffic to get sales." He continued.

"However, it seems that the recent changes have clearly been targeted towards so-called 'content farms' rather than paying any special attention to SMBs".

The concern for many small business owners is that, unlike big companies, which are better placed to take the hit and make changes to their web marketing strategies should they be adversely affected, many smaller companies may simply not be able to cope with such a sharp, sudden loss in business.

The changes to the Google algorithm are actually a good thing, according to Tawney. "What they are doing is cutting out the generic rubbish produced by so-called content farms and replacing it with high quality content that actually contains the information people are seeking", he said.

Mr Tawney went on to explain things further: "The algorithm now gives sites with a poor website design that are designated as 'low value' a much reduced ranking, while sites featuring a professional website design and original content, with lots of in-depth information, will be given a big boost in their rankings."

One example that seems to back up Tawney's claims is the Mahalo website, a renowned content farming company, which has reportedly suffered such a drop in traffic that it's had to lay off 10% of its staff. Note that Mahalo is what we consider to be a 'big company' in the web design [] world. The changes therefore, have the potential to cause even more hurt to small web companies which get hit.

"It's probably too early for most small businesses to assess the impact Google's new algorithm will have", according to Tawney.

Still, Tawney thinks he can predict what will happen. "The SMBs that are hardest hit will be those that deserve to be affected. Small web companies that make little to no effort to provide useful content will see their ranking drop, and no amount of professional website design will save them if they haven't made the effort to provide quality information."

But what will the effects be? This will depend largely on how much a small business relies on organic search results for its income, says Tawney.

He further elaborated that "Those businesses that garner more than 50% of their sales through organic traffic, yet rely on poor methods to get this traffic in the first place, will suffer badly - many may even go out of business. The rest will be forced to make big changes to the way they operate."

"On the other hand, small web businesses that have a nice website design and make the effort to create unique, informative content could suddenly see their traffic sky-rocketing".

Meanwhile, Tawney and his All Web Services Company were happy to offer some advice to concerned business owners. "Keep a close eye on the amount of traffic you receive over the next few weeks to see what impact Google's new algorithm has made. While there are undoubtedly going to be a few websites that are unfairly hurt, if your rankings drop then you need to take a long, hard look at your site and ask yourself where you are going wrong. If you are guilty of producing a website design with poor quality content, then you are simply going to have to improve, or else face the consequences".

The coming weeks will soon show us how accurate Tawney's predictions are.

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