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Tel Aviv, Israel (PressExposure) December 29, 2011 -- Newer research suggests that cell phone radiation may be linked to brain cancer and other worrying health effects. The World Health Organization in 2011 has classified mobile phone usage as being "possibly carcinogenic." The good news is an amazing device has recently been invented which eliminates the health risks associated with exposure to mobile phone radiation. That new technological product comes from the innovative company, Smart-n-Safe.

Smart-n-Safe Anti-Radiation Headsets are now becoming the most popular alternative to using a basic cell phone. The best part is these devices also conform to many new laws that requires drivers to use hands-free sets while operating a vehicle.

Device Information

This innovative stereo headphone, based on patented SAAT - Stereo Acoustic Air Tube™ - technology conducts the sound from the cell phone conversations and music through a hollow tube filled with air, without metal wires. It's scientifically proven to reduce the electro-magnetic radiation reaching the user's sensitive ear and brain area by up to 98% by EMI Test Lab, which is an FCC (United States), EMCC (Europe) and VCCI (Japan) approved testing laboratory.

Despite some of the risks that we are exposed to as modern technology changes, overall our technological devices have improved our quality of life and enriched our day to day experiences. Smart-n-Safe is a company that realizes this and was worked hard to ensure the public has access to an anti-radiation headset which is a health prevention strategy and an overall safe device.

Additionally, Smart-n-Safe continues to receive favorable media attention.

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Those who are most interested in finding a correlation between mobile phone radiation and cancer are those companies who interested in the commercial and marketability value of "cancer-preventing products." Such things include devices that purportedly minimize exposure to radiation, such as anti-radiation headsets.

Because science is an ever-expanding process that continually incorporates new data as time move forward, it is still possible that we may one day discover a link between cell phones and cancer. Should such a study emerge from the research literature, credibility would be best preserved by allowing government officials and independent journalists to inform the public of the health risks.

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