SmartLipo - Answer to Removing Unwanted Body Fat

Manhattan, New York (PressExposure) January 01, 2009 -- Many women out there must probably just be waiting to slip into their favorite bikini but can’t because of those so called trouble areas. Many men would like their body to look more impressive than it presently is. For such people and those yearning for a tighter, toned body; SmartLipo, a laser aided liposuction modality holds out more than just hope.

The SmartLipo Revolution:

Developed at first in Italy, SmartLipo is a kind of revolutionary cosmetic surgery. It is in fact the first and sole lipolysis system to be laser assisted. Candidates for the treatment ideally are no more than 25 lbs (approx. 11.34 kilos) short of their most apt weight; quite healthy; and have had unsatisfactory results through exercise and cutting down on fatty foods.

Among many advantages associated with the SmartLipo process are the following:

  • Requires only a very small surgical incision.
  • In most cases, a single treatment is generally all that’s required.
  • Use of local, not general anesthesia.
  • Causes a certain degree of cellulite reduction.
  • Most of the time, new fat is not created after the process.
  • Normal activities can be resumed within just a few days of the procedure being performed.

The Science of SmartLipo

A long vacant tube called a cannula is introduced into the targeted fat pocket. To and fro movement of the cannula and dispersion of laser energy causes draining away of the fat cells, and collagen shrinkage. SmartLipo is unique in that it makes use of a dual platform laser MPX, dual in the sense that one can be used for skin tightening and the other for fat melting. Depending on the skin quality and body type of the patient, the operating surgeon can alternate between the two blends.

Worth a Try!

It can’t be denied that Smartlipo therapy is quite expensive and for many, not affordable. However, if you want a treatment that removes fat for the long term, it’s worth a try.

About Park Avenue Smartlipo

Park Avenue Smart Lipoâ„¢ is one of the first plastic surgery groups to introduce new laser lipolysis modalities to our patients, which makes us stand apart among SmartLipo practitioners.

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