Snoring - A Neglected But Dangerous Problem and a Solution to Resolve It

New York, NY (PressExposure) June 22, 2009 -- Dr. Farhad explains about snoring and everything related to it.

The funny sound might actually disturb you and keep you awake all the night, and perhaps, it provides a source of ball-busting on the snoring “king” and having fun among your friends, but seldom do we understand its effect on the person or what it might result to in the near future. Snoring has been related to the cause of the difficulty of getting enough oxygen by your body and thus, the struggling sound. But seldom do we understand that it might be the cause to serious physical disorders such as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Stroke and Heart Disease. All of these are a result of Sleep Apnea.

If you had been keeping up with the latest updates in the medical fraternity and technology, you would surely have heard about the term “oral harmony” and its direct relation to our overall health. All over the world, the medical scientists, dentists and doctors are coming to realize the importance of oral health and it should be noted here that we are not talking about taking care of gums and teeth here. We are talking about the concept of taking care of your overall health through your mouth. And snoring is a big opposition to taking care of the oral health.

It must be understood that it is not only snoring that only affects the health but since snoring also lessens the chances of having a sound sleep, the overall health of the individual also suffers because of lack of sleep. So, curing snoring can in turn bring positive effects on the overall health in many ways. But the problem is that often the most common ways of curing snoring are related to scissors, knives and needles, and this raises goose bumps in any individual. And here is the advantage of going for a VIAdmd.

Dr. Farhad Hakimi has been doing some homework on this whole field and has come up with a way of tackling oral health and maintaining the oral harmony. And he has come up with this device VIAdmd. You can check his website in the following link for more information,

VIAdmd is an innovative breakthrough in the world of medical science and it refers to a smart mouthpiece device that is designed specifically to deal with Snoring, cure Sleep Apnea and treat T.M.J Syndrome. As Dr. Hakimi claims, after the product was patented, it improved the conditions of over 90% of his patients. The functioning of VIAdmd depends on a simple concept. It slightly repositions and stabilizes the lower jaw along with the tongue. This in turn results into freeing the air passage so that you can breathe comfortably and in a healthy way through your nose. The best part of this marvelously crafted device is that it custom fits into the individual and slips perfectly into that upper teeth area just before bedtime so that you fall asleep naturally and comfortably.

It is extremely effective, non-surgical and non-invasive, which is dreaded by most of the people and one of the best thing about VIAdmd is that it can be disposed of with once when the condition gets cured.

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