Snow Plow Blades - Light It Up

New York City, NY (PressExposure) December 29, 2009 -- When it comes to snow blades there are many different things you should know. I guess the first thing I would consider is what my application is. Am I plowing driveways? Parking lots? Or country roads or highways? What it doesn't matter! Wrong it does matter! The next thing to look at is the front gross axle weight of the truck you are putting the plow on. You want to have an idea of what the front end of your truck can support before putting a snowplow blade on.

I laugh, when I see a ½ ton truck with a 8 ft steel plow on the front of it and the poor truck suspension is struggling to keep the plow 1 inch off the ground as the driver passes you on the road. I think to myself when he hit's a bump that's going to hurt. So you want to make sure your truck can keep its front end height up enough where it is safe to go down the road and not have any problems.

The next thing when thinking about snowplow blades is the shape. If you are plowing tight driveways with little room to push the snow you might want to consider the 7 foot VEE plow. But when shopping for this look at the size of the hydraulic cylinders steel support holding the swing frames and structures to the snowplow blade. Keep in mind that you want something that is easy for you to repair and maintain. Especially, if the plow goes down in a storm you do not want to spend a lot of time taking it a part to repair it. Some designs will vary do to patents and engineering this is something you want to look at. You want your plow to last and the more movable parts the more that it can wear so make sure you get a well designed plow frame.

Let's not forget the curve of the plow that's also important, deeper the curve the more the roll when plowing and obviously the more shallow the snowplow blade curve the more push and resistance on the truck when plowing. The other thing we need to touch on is the materials they use now to manufactures snowplow blades. Years ago it was basically steel frame and steel mold board. Why? because plastic and chemicals where not as advanced as they are now. There are plastic and urethane parts today that are on the market that can take more of a beating than any steel parts can in certain applications.

The advantage to these style snowplow blades is they are lighter in weight opposed to steel. Less stress on the front end of the truck. However these can also effect the down pressure of the snowplow blades when plowing. SO thats why I say snowplow blades are not just the normal, because what blade you need in New England may not be what you need in Michigan. So take your time when deciding on what snowplow blade to use. for more info

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