Soaring Expenses And Sluggish Revenue Lead New York City Businesses To Review Practices And Optimize Space

New York, NY (PressExposure) November 16, 2008 -- Businesses in New York City have found a new cash crop ripe for the picking... cheap offsite storage space topped with web-based inventory management. CC Corporate Storage of Clifton, NJ has launched a new program urging hotels and businesses to dump excel spreadsheets and expensive softwares in place of a free web-based inventory management system. Used as a supplement or a stand-alone system, all types of material from furniture to toilet paper to business records to boxes to pallets to anything and everything are given high-roller treatment - Individual barcodes - Digital photographs - Detailed descriptions and 24/7 online accessibility. That's right, the web runs the system and the web is free. Security? Like everything else - Usernames and passwords.

To start it off, every item is whisked away to a safe, secure cash cow escape just across the Hudson River. Cash cow escape? You better believe it! New York City businesses are slashing storage and transportation costs 30-50%! It's no secret that real estate in New York is outrageously expensive. Storing in New Jersey instead of New York is alone boosting bottom lines by literally thousands... even with pick-up and delivery costs.

Situated on the Passaic River in Clifton, New Jersey, CC Corporate Storage's 400,000 square foot behemoth was once a paper recycling plant billed as one of northern Jersey's largest blue-collar employers. After closing its doors more than 20 years ago, the abandoned complex became nothing but an eyesore to local residents and a risk to would-be investors. In 2004 the owners of CC Corporate Storage took the plunge and never looked back. With a lot of hope and many millions, the once neglected compound has been astoundingly resurrected into a multi-functional business storage giant. Earlier this year, three executives from the largest hotel in Manhattan were amazed upon touring the property and previewing the online inventory system. Particularly impressive to them was the grandeur of the space and the ability to view digital photos of storage items without leaving their desk. After the two-hour visit, the executives came to one conclusion... cut costs and innovate.

Just recently, a prestigious hotel on Fifth Avenue united with CCCS. They slashed their budget 32% saving $23,800 per year while at the same time freeing up valuable property space and streamlining this aspect of operations. A small cosmetics designer based in Manhattan cut costs $1,200 a month by simply moving its inventory from a New York City storage facility to Clifton, New Jersey. The company was also able to eliminate the hassle, down time and liability of moving stuff around themselves, e.g., using employees, renting trucks, buying equipment, hiring temporary labor, etc. When they need something, it's delivered to their door.

For many New York City businesses offsite storage is an unavoidable expense. Without a doubt non-extravagant yet most definitely necessary. Optimizing space is extremely vital, there's no way around it. However, once the need is met the cost is rarely (if ever) reviewed. Let's face it, owners and managers aren't sleeping too much these days. They're only priority is to stay in business. Costs up are up, revenues are down and people are hoarding their money in fear.

Service providers like CC Corporate Storage are striving to open their eyes. A little attention to the "with out a doubt non-extravagant" yet "most definitely necessary" will help (at least in part) to keep their doors open. Looking to cut costs and improve the bottom line? Are you fully optimizing office space? Are you renting offsite storage? How much are you spending? How much is it costing you to handle it? In these times, every penny counts and every inch matters!

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CC Corporate Storage is a warehousing & storage firm serving businesses in the New York Tri-State Area. Their services satisfy the most demanding hotels, healthcare organizations, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies while also supporting all types of small businesses. To learn more about their offerings contact Joe C. Perry at 212-736-4492 / 347-767-0749 or email:

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